Retailers operate on notoriously low profit margins. Overpayments make matters worse.

Every day, your sales, order, inventory, invoice, payment and deal management systems collect tons of useful information. But you're not using it to stop claims from happening.



Average net profit margin for grocery and food retailers1

Not a lot of room for profit erosion and retail merchandise claims chip away every day.

1NYU Stern Operating and Net Margins 2024 data



Respondents to a Retail Week Survey who say they are very positive about their supply chains2

Another 26% are ambiguous or somewhat negative about their supply chains. Disruptions in shipping lanes, geopolitical and economic pressures challenge retailers. Claims make matters worse.

2Retail Week’s latest annual Supply Chain 2024 Report




Claims apexanalytix identified for a retail client that could be eliminated.

How many millions in claims that your auditors keep charging you for could be eliminated?


Increase recoveries. Reduce audit cost. Even eliminate claims. With AI-powered analytics.

Vendor funding not received correctly? Freight payment exceptions? Messy reconciliation of excessive defectives? Goods receipt payment mistakes?


These are just a few common claim types that can be fixed through process changes and collaboration.


Why wait until post-audit when you can benefit from the time value of money right now?


Isolate and Target

See deduction activity across the vendor base and across all post-audit payment audit claims so it's easy to identify areas for prevention and elimination efforts.



Review transactions and make the corrections before a post-payment audit cycle begins.

Value Reporting

Track What You've Eliminated

Set and measure against your elimination goals with reporting on all claims prevented.

Case study

$100M in claims went "poof."

For one of the largest retailers in the world, we eliminated a hundred million in claims. The merchants are happier. The suppliers are happier. Finance is a hero.


Every pricing change. Every chargeback. Every markdown. Every decrease in profit.

Built by industry experts with decades of experience. Vetted at one of the largest retailers in the world - massive global supply chaing, hundreds of thousands of products, and a huge range of retailing allowances, discounts and pricing volatility. Recovered 40% more. Less work, less time, a lot more in recoveries.


Margin performance


Promotional purchasing


Cost and pricing changes


Inventory changes


Scanned sales




Vendor allowances

Supplier Portal

Purchasing and sales volume


Find the problem in real-time from patterns in the data.

Work with merchants to make a correction  before the defective transaction completes.

Retail data patterns


Increased recoveries compared to historical post payment audit results

We found more recoveries using our AI-powered transactional analysis. We can even predict where you will see claims spike based on past patterns, seasonal promotions, claim types and more.


Effective cost-per-claim reduction

Partnering with a client to improve this critical finance KPI.


Total claim elimination

We analyzed. We discovered. We eliminated.


80% reduction in audit time. Actual elimination of claims.

Lower audit costs and prevent claims from happening with the most sophisticated scoring and analytical AI audit tool in the industry.

Retail dashboard

Retail experts empowered with AI-powered analytics.


Vendor and item scoring

Analyzes data across the entire vendor and item population to determine a claim likelihood score.

Data Extracts

Decision tree process

Data analytics use the decision tree model to predict when a claim will happen based on tens of thousands of decisions points.


Graphs not grids

Software takes data in from all data sets – payments, sales, orders, invoices, inventory, shows in a graph the peaks and valleys, the dips in profit margin, and provides visual drill-down into that dip for analyzing just those transactions.

Portal Investment

Data visualization

This makes the data more natural for the human mind to comprehend and therefore makes it easier to identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets.

What about the overpayments in your goods not for resale? There could be millions to recover.

Audit services and technology that look at your non-merchandise transactions and more.

Recovery Audit

Accounts payable recovery audit

Accounts payable recovery audit

People empowered with technology find more statement and duplicate recoveries in your non-merchandise payments.

Future State

Contract compliance audit

Contract compliance audit

The goods-not-for-resale version of your merchandise audit. We look for payments non-compliant with contract terms.

Duplicate Payments

Duplicate payment prevention

Duplicate payment prevention

Find duplicates before they find your bottom line.

Tax Compliance

Sales and use tax audit

Sales and use tax audit

Even with tax sofware, we find sale and use tax overpayments

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Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.


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