Thousands Of Jurisdictions Hold Unclaimed Property

Only a thorough review uncovers it all: Checking and savings accounts, uncashed money orders, cashiers checks, unclaimed insurance benefits, mineral royalty payments, safe deposit box contents, unused gift certificates, unclaimed security deposits, cash dividends, stock, court deposits and utility deposits



Non-state unclaimed property offices

Besides the 50 states, you could have unclaimed property sitting with cities, counties, bankruptcies, federal agencies and even foreign governments.




Identified and recovered for one of the world's largest food and beverage companies.

This global company has more than 250 global business entities. The audit was complex. The results surprised the client.




Unclaimed property held by states in the U.S.

The top three? New York, Massachusetts and Nevada.


Analytics And AI-Assisted Unclaimed Property Review

The latest AI and analytical technologies are used to complete the extensive search.  We look for unclaimed property for all you legal entities, all you “DBA” names, dissolved and merged entities. And we look through all the databases: states, cities, counties, federal agencies, bankruptcies, and more.


And we find millions in vendor checks, credit memos, overpayments, refunds, commission payments, utility refunds, insurance refunds, government warrants, SEC refunds, demotualized stocks and shares.



Unclaimed Property Audit Overview

Recover All The Money Waiting For You

People empowered with technology audit wider and deeper.

We manage the extensive review. We identify more and you don’t waste your time dealing with federal, state and local governments.


Miss nothing

apexanalytix goes beyond the obvious to take a holistic look at unclaimed property in various jurisdictions.

We develop a list of your business entities, DBA names and brands, search global data, build and submit airtight claims, provide proof of ownership and produce comprehensive reports so you can track outcomes.

AI Insights

Fast recoveries

AI, analytics and our own firststrike reporting software speed the audit and the recoveries. We've compiled our own proprietary database of unclaimed property held by governing bodies globally, and we continually update it to capture new entries.

Using overpayment detection AI, we search data for name variations and other parameters that help us quickly identify what you are owed.


Contingency-fee based

You don't have to find budget to pay a consultant to complete your unclaimed property audit. We earn a portion of the value that we deliver back to you.

Cash Team

Audit and software experts

35 years of experience performing audits means we have some of the best people and tools to make your audit efficient and productive.

Many clients combine the unclaimed property review with an accounts payable recovery audit, contract compliance review, and sales and use tax audit. Then the value really appreciates.


Buried Treasure

We surprise clients with unclaimed property findings every time we do an audit.



Found in just one year for six clients.


Unclaimed property types

Uncashed money orders, checking and savings accounts, mineral royalty payments, unclaimed security depostis, cash dividends, stocks, etc.


Jurisdictions that hold unclaimed property

States, counties, cities, federal government, foreign governments, regulatory and quasi-governmental agencies.


Thorough review requires...

All legal entities, DBA names, entities dissolved or merged, corporate office lists.

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Why stop with an unclaimed property review?  You could be recovering millions more.

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Audit and Recovery

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More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

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Peak performers
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Identified in duplicate payments and outstanding credits

Using Technology-Enabled Audit Services to Recover and Prevent Costly Losses

Global Food and Beverage

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