"Business as usual" creates overpayments

Overpayments happen in the whole procure-to-pay cycle. It isn't just an AP problem.



Increase in duplicate payment recoveries because of an e-invoicing deployment.

After implementing a new e-invoicing solution, duplicate payments spiked when suppliers were figuring out the new system.


Reasons for unkown statement credits and other hidden funds.

75% of total overpayments recovered in an AP audit are found in the vendor statement review. Many of them originate outside of Accounts Payable.



Average value of a recovery audit lost every year it is delayed.

We analyzed $4.5 trillion in spend and discovered the cost of delaying your audit - you lose 23% for each year you wait.


Earning client and supplier trust, recovering every overpayment.

“I was very skeptical of having somebody come in and talk to my suppliers. But the results were amazing.


This was a professional approach.  It was data-driven. The supplier community didn’t balk, and most of all, our stakeholder community didn’t balk. And they loved the money.”

Gerard Cardillo, Chief Procurement Officer, Charles River Labs

Faster Recoveries

People + Technology + Experience

35 years of continuous innovation in recovery audit. 98% of global trade languages covered, 10 million communications with suppliers annually and more than 100 million golden supplier records scored for accuracy are the foundation. AI-powered recovery, respectful and efficient communications with suppliers and minimal disruption of your time are the value-adds. And at the end of every audit, you get the information you need for continuous improvement.


Respect, better performance, and a better future state: fewer errors, less to recover.

We minimize AP and IT time and protect supplier relationships while using a team of professionals empowered with technology to recover the most and give you the path to prevention.


People empowered with technology audit wider and deeper

We’re contacting tens of thousands of suppliers on behalf of each of our audit clients.  And our response rates and recovery findings are the highest in the industry. We couldn’t do it without the latest AI, analytical and process automation tools.

When we talk to your suppliers, they thank us for making it easy to respond.  You’ll thank us too.

Intelligence Technology

Three Intelligence Technologies

Contact intelligence, supplier intelligence and transactional intelligence mean we perform better an deliver better results.

Data Extracts

Certified Data Extracts

Certified and automated data extracts for SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and other common ERPs save you and your IT team time. and AI-driven analysis save IT,

Future State

Future State

Root cause analysis and a cross-functional corrective action workshop are parts of every audit.

Duplicate Payments

Duplicate Prevention

Duplicate prevention software, perfected over 25 years of use by auditors and clients, prevents more of the $2 million per billion in duplicates that slip through normal ERP controls.

Supplier Comms

More Time With Suppliers

A team of 80 audit, supplier relations, recovery, mailing, and statement analysts have AI and automation tools that keep communications effective and efficient and suppliers happier.

AI Modeling

Predictive Models

35 years of client audits and the largest supplier database in the industry - more than 100 million supplier records - let us forecast the amount of recoveries and which suppliers they are likely to come from.

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Why recovery audit?

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7 Ways a Tech-Powered Recovery Audit Can Super-Charge Yor Results

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Benefits to Recovery Audits Beyond Recovering Money

Find the gaps in your P2P controls.

Audit Services

Recover more when you expand scope.

Not all overpayments happen in procure-to-pay. There could be millions waiting to be added to your bottom line.


Contract Compliance Recovery Audit

You spend a lot of time negotiating favorable terms to save your company money. But contract compliance audits are finding more savings than ever.


Unclaimed Property Recovery Audit

There's money out there for all your business entitities in states, counties, cities, agencies and even foreign governments. We can help you find it.

Tax Compliance

Sales and Use Tax / VAT Recovery Audit

Our comprehensive sales and use tax audits tame your complex tax challenges. Protect your bottom line and ensure that you pay only what you owe.

Duplicate Payments

Overpayment Prevention

Catch overpayments before they go out the door with the most powerful duplicate analytics and AI on the market

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Audit services are just the beginning

The value from a recovery audit paves the way to ultimate supplier management

Supplier Management

Every. All. 100%

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Intelligent Data

Data in. Gold out.

The fastest way to validate and enrich your third-party data with APIs tapping 1,000+ trusted data sources and 100 million company golden records.

Supplier Risk Management

Disrupt the disruption.

Catastrophic disruptions caused by supplier fraud and risk could happen anytime, to any business. Protect yourself with proactive supplier risk management technology.

Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Customer Stories

Peak performers
pick apex.

Whether long-form webinars or in-person conference presentations, our clients love to share best practices - what drives measurable value - with their peers.


Identified in duplicate payments and outstanding credits

Using Technology-Enabled Audit Services to Recover and Prevent Costly Losses

Global Food and Beverage


invoices and 2,600 suppliers analyzed for overpayments

Using a Recovery Audit to Fuel Continuous Improvements


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