Fraudsters love your “controls.”

Fraudsters are tech savvy. Whether it is a deepfake, WormGPT (aka evil ChatGPT) or your friendly coworker who bakes cookies. They prey on outdated, manual controls.



Most fraud losses are never recovered.

Recovering fraud losses is a major challenge due to the complex methods used by fraudsters. As a result, a significant portion of these losses remains uncovered.




Nearly 1 in 4 scams involve losses of $1 million or more.

High-value scams are alarmingly common, with nearly 1 in 4 involving losses of $1 million or more.



The average fraud runs 2 years before being detected.

The average fraud scheme persists undetected to over 2 years allowing criminals to steadily drain funds while controls fail.


apexanalytix Fraud Prevention

Layers of Protection. Prevent the event.

Robust Access Controls

• Role-based view and access restrictions
• Multi-factor authentication for password resets, new device or new IP address
• Email change restrictions (based on supplier domain and country)
• Frequency limits on password and security question changes

01 PreventTheEvent

Bank Account Change Controls

• Bank account information obscured after accepted
• Current bank account information required to change it
• No phone or email bank account change requests
• Automatic alerts if a bank account is in different country
• Email or text sent to all authorized vendor contacts

02 PreventTheEvent

User Behavior Monitoring

• Alerts for suspicious login and activity patterns
• Automated IP address blocking for suspicious IP addresses or locations
• Detailed logging of sign-on and changes

03 PreventTheEvent

Real-time Bank Account Ownership Validation

• Validates bank account is owned by supplier through integration with global banking consortium and government authorities (US, UK, India, Sweden, Poland)
• Confirms that the bank account does not have a negative balance (high risk attribute)
• Flags change requests for bank accounts that have been recently opened

04 PreventTheEvent

Multi-enterprise Global Network Intelligence

A score to provide guidance on whether to accept or further investigate the legitimacy of the bank account change. Tap the largest network to identify fraud.

• Was the bank account paid by any of apexanalytix clients?
• Are any other clients using this supplier?
• How recently was the bank account change accepted?
• How frequently that bank account is used by that vendor?
• How many companies pay that same vendor with the same account number?
• Is the bank in the right country based on the change requested?

05 PreventTheEvent
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Fraud Prevention

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