Breakthrough the Barriers to Supplier Adoption

Discover how our technology, with an experienced cash management team, maximizes supplier acceptance and discounts by addressing common blockers that hinder the adoption of early payment programs.



of businesses capture the majority of their early payment discount offers. 1

In a recent IOFM survey, the majority of respondents have received invoices with early payment offers. However, only 27 percent of those companies surveyed maximized and captured almost all (>80 percent) of the early payment discount offers.

1Institute of Finance & Management AP Benchmarking Report



likelihood of a highly automated AP organization capturing more discounts. 2

According to the Hackett Group, best-in-class accounts payable organizations who adopt automation into their processes capture seven times more early-payment discounts (as a percentage of total spend) compared to their peers.

2The Hackett Group’s Benchmarking Report



suppliers would accept a discount in exchange for an early payment. 3

Suppliers benefit from improved cash flow, less risk of nonpayment, and better access to capital. Furthermore, more than half of AR leaders agreed that their department's primary goal is to lower DSO, so they would be willing to agree to an early payment discount.

3Mastercard's Creating Payments Energy Report


Easy Money. Capture more discounts and rebates with AI.

apexanalytix offers the only Early Payment program built on Supplier Intelligence and a database of 100M+ supplier records as the foundation for supplier engagement and discount offer adoption. Segmentation, predictive analytics and automated marketing means your offers are presented at the right time to the right suppliers at the maximum rate.



Dynamic Discounting

Fixed early pay discounts can produce risk-free, double-digit returns. To capture even greater returns, adopt dynamic discounting initiatives on a sliding scale— pay any time before the invoice is due. 

Supplier-initiated Auction Marketplace

Set up online auctions where suppliers make discount offers and compete for your early payment revenues. Set thresholds to determine which offers are rejected, approved or sent for review.

Supply Chain Financing

Helps you support your suppliers and your early payment programs while holding onto your cash. Third-party funders pay suppliers early for a discount, while you pay the full invoice amount on the original due date to the third-party funder.

Early Payment Programs

All Suppliers, All Invoices, All the Opportunities

We extend early payment offers to 100% of suppliers regardless of invoice submission method based on supplier segmentation. Making your early payment program accessible and convenient encourages more suppliers to take advantage of early payment offers and promotes better cash flow management for all parties involved.

Early Payment Programs

Eliminate Barriers, Optimize Cash Flow

To increase supplier adoption, we provide suppliers with early payment offers on day one, no portal onboarding required, allowing suppliers to securely accept offers in their email without logging into a portal. If they do log into a secure portal– it will be your company-branded portal powered by apexanalytix.


Turn Accounts Payable into a Profit Center

Early payment discounting is one of the hottest trends in procure-to-pay. We can help you experience the benefits by automating every aspect– from initial program design and marketing to backend reporting.


Flexible Discount Programs

Design multiple types of discount programs and offer them to some or all of your suppliers. You can also monitor acceptance rates, track profitability, and adjust your strategy over time.


Predictive Analytics Technology

Use our benchmark data and APEX Analytix proprietary Cash Discount Likelihood (CDL) scoring model to predict which suppliers will accept an early payment in exchange for a discount and at what rate.

Integration 02

Seamless Integration

Utilizes APEX’s Secure Open Adapter to seamlessly integrate with ERPs (SAP, Oracle Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Lawson, Workday), e-invoicing solutions (Basware, Tungsten Network), and any other S2P solutions. When suppliers accept early payment offers, your systems automatically update.


Market Your Offers

Automate your early payment marketing with scheduled email campaigns based on segmentation. Communicate with the right suppliers by leveraging our database of 100M+ validated supplier contacts.

Cash Team

Seasoned Support Team

Our expert cash management team will work directly with your suppliers to increase discount acceptance and help support the buyer-supplier relationships.


Comprehensive Supplier Data

Leverage our database of 100M+ validated supplier records enriched from over 1,000+ trusted sources, along with our CDL scoring model that analyzes supplier characteristics and past discount acceptance to ensure early payment program success.

Cash Discount Likelihood (CDL) Scoring

Our proprietary machine-learning process, developed with input from Treasury and Finance experts, utilizes predictive analytics to determine the likelihood of a supplier accepting a discount.

Max Suppliers...

Through machine learning analysis, we consolidate the following data points to generate the CDL Score: Insights from $6.4 trillion of supplier spend data; Vendor information from our database, including country and contact information; Supplier characteristics such as industries, financial standing, and fiscal periods; Supplier behavior in the apexportal, including previous discount acceptance rate.


...Max Discounts Yield

We apply the CDL Score to all suppliers, offering them the maximum discount rates that are likely to be accepted and have a significant impact on working capital. We present these optimized offers to supplier segments via portal, email, and text, facilitating easy acceptance.


Give Suppliers Offers and Options

Engage every supplier with a single self-service dashboard for everything from secure onboarding to electronic payments and continuous management

Make Accepting Simple

Give suppliers the option to enroll in “always accept early payment offers” or select their discount rate and payment date.

Provide More Ways to Get Paid

Allows suppliers to get an immediate payment using a wire transfer instead of ACH (or equivalent) with an additional discount percentage.

Segment Your Offers

Leverage the apexanalytix proprietary Cash Discount Likelihood (CDL) scoring model to give suppliers early payment offers that makes sense to them.

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