ERP systems aren't perfect when it comes to duplicate payments

Duplicates can bypass even the best payment controls. apexanalytix overpayment prevention makes sure they are caught.




Slipped through controls over three years.

Thousands of historical duplicate payments were missed by this company's prior recovery audit provider.



Duplicate payments for a world leader in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

With 250 different operating companies around the globe, overpayments were a costly problem that was hard to manage using existing internal controls.




In historical duplicates uncovered.

That slipped through two layers of controls: ERP and internally-developed duplicate software.


Prevent duplicate payments that your ERP doesn't catch

AI-driven and using advanced scoring methods refined over 20 years, apexanalytix overpayment prevention compares invoices and payments processed and finds and even predict duplicate payments. It connects to all ERPs and payment systems so you won’t miss a duplicate no matter how you pay.


Companies worldwide prevent overpayments, uncover missed credits, audit historical disbursements, analyze the root causes of errors and track operational performance.


Hear what clients have to say about overpayment prevention.

Lewis Firststrike Still

Safeguard disbursements and improve profitability.

We safeguard more than $1.2T and prevents $2B in duplicate payments annually.

What our clients say about overpayment prevention:


“The success we’ve achieved has raised our visibility within our broader systems community."

Systems Accounting Manager, Finance Shared Services, Global Defense Industry


“We now have better insights into our business processes, controls and suppliers."

Shared Services AP Manager, Global Retail


"Your innovative, prevention-based model positively impacts the company’s bottom line."

Director, Disbursement & Receivable Processes, Global Transportation Industry


“No other company could offer us the technology that apexanalytix brings to the table."

Director of Finance Operations, Global Technology

Vermillion Rock Formation AZ

“Within 90 days the technology was ready to use and adjusted to meet our needs.”

Director, Purchase-to-Pay, Global Pharmaceutical


Features refined over 20 years

Overpayment prevention catches every duplicate - even those that aren't exact matches. Levels of duplicate matches make it easy to review potential duplicates, and easily clear them right in the source ERP.

Audit Services

Get the whole picture of overpayments with recovery audit services.

Any Data, Any System

Automatically extracts data from any system or payment platform, anywhere in the world. Supplier files, invoice and disbursement data, purchase orders and P-card files can be normalized and reviewed as a consolidated whole.

ERP Integration

Bidirectional integration with ERPs via certified extracts so you can automatically correct or block duplicate invoices from being paid.

AI And Analytics

You benefit from hundreds of built-in analyses and reports, informed by more commercial AP recovery audits than any other provider in the world. They take just seconds to run—transforming large and unwieldy data stores into actionable information.

Custom Report Creation

Generate custom reports on demand. You’ll have complete visibility into every aspect of your procure-to-pay operations so you can track and manage performance, isolate problems, uncover savings and improve your internal controls.

Rapid ROI

Generate custom reports on demand. You’ll have complete visibility into every aspect of your procure-to-pay operations so you can track and manage performance, isolate problems, uncover savings and improve your internal controls.

All Transactions, Any Time, Any Where

The same powerful tools can be used to audit historical disbursements, build automated claims and manage the recovery process.

Supplier-Facing Workflows

Expedite collaboration with suppliers around identified exceptions.

Secure Environment

Comprehensive security–from data encryption to rigorous access controls.

Audit Services

Get the whole picture of overpayments with recovery audit services.

Recovery Audit

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

75% to >90% of recoveries are statement credits. Accounts payable recovery audit finds them all, plus any debit balances or duplicates you've missed.


Contract Compliance Recovery Audit

You spend a lot of time negotiating favorable terms to save your company money. But contract compliance audits are finding more than ever.


Unclaimed Property Recovery Audit

There's money out there for all your business entities in states, counties, cities, agencies, and even foreign governments. We can help you find it.


Sales and Use Tax / VAT Recovery Audit

Our comprenensive sales and use tax audits tame your complex tax challenges. Protect your bottom line and ensure that you pay only what you owe.

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Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Customer Stories

Peak performers
pick apex.

Whether long-form webinars or in-person conference presentations, our clients love to share best practices - what drives measurable value - with their peers.


Duplicate payments prevented over three years

Using technology-based controls to protect, analyze and manage accounts payable

Global Pharmaceuticals


Decrease in duplicate payments

Establishing overpayment and fraud controls across multiple systems

Global Holding Company

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