Frequently Asked Questions

apexanalytix has added this web page to address our clients’ suppliers’ questions regarding the nature of our services, processes, communication and corporate information.

What is the letter about? I don’t quite know what I need to send.
apexanalytix is conducting an accounts payable audit on behalf of the company listed on your letter. We are requesting a current accounts receivable aging, showing all open activity including invoices, payments, payment shortages, payment overages, credits, rebates and erroneous payments.

What do I do if I am a contractor or service provider?
apexanalytix is requesting information from all entities and departments that receive payments from our client. If you are unable to provide invoices or an accounts receivable aging report, please provide a detailed list of services rendered, charges and payments received from our client.

We were purchased by another company and the letter is requesting information from the old company. Do you want an aging report from the current company or the old company?
If you have outstanding activity from the old company available, and are currently doing business with our client, please provide that information with an aging report from the new company.

We have gone out of business and have had no activity or communications with the company you are requesting information on in quite some time. How should we proceed?
Please provide us with the last date that you had any activity with our client.

We no longer do business with this company. How should we proceed?
Please provide us with the last date that you had any activity with our client.

We have outstanding invoices with this company. Can you tell me when I will be receiving payment on these invoices?
We provide an auditing service for our client and do not process payments or have information on when payments will be made. You can reach out to your regular corporate contact, or call the number provided on the statement request letter and an audit team member will help you contact the correct party.

Do you have a contact person in the AP department for the client that I can speak with in regards to payment or questions?
Yes, please include this request with the response to the letter and an apexanalytix audit team member will assist by providing the contact information to AP.

Can you provide me with an account number? I am unable to process your request without this information.
Please contact your apexanalytix team representative, and they may be able to provide an account number, last invoice number, or last payment details to help locate account.

Can you give me a list of subsidiaries for the company? I cannot find this company name in our system.

Yes, if the subsidiaries are not on the request letter received, please contact your apexanalytix audit team representative and they can provide this information.

I have sent the information you requested. Why am I still being contacted?
Occasionally, our client’s records may contain multiple listings for a single supplier, which cause multiple statement requests to be sent by mistake. We make every effort to prevent this from happening, but if this occurs, please alert your apexanalytix audit team representative and we will update these records.

Why can’t you get this information from your client?
Occasionally, some records are incomplete and in order to ensure accuracy, we request this information and documents directly from our client’s source.

We have previously sent the statement requested in a password protected format. I received an email requesting us to resend the information. What should I do?
We are committed to protecting our client’s data and have set a high security threshold for email attachments. Because of this high security threshold, one or more of the email attachments you have sent are unable to be read and/or delivered. Some of the file types that are blocked by our email security system include: 

  • Zip files
  • Compressed files
  • Password protected files

Please resend the attachments in a different format, removing any compression or passwords. Contact your apexanalytix audit team representative listed on the letter you received if you have additional questions.