Your third-party data. Own it.

Tap into a vast network of over 2 billion reference records from government, regulatory, and authoritative third-party data sources. Less manual work for your data stewards and better master data quality.

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Scored profiles of global suppliers to the Fortune 1000

Our proprietary database of 100M+ suppliers provides the most complete and accurate data to accelerate onboarding, improve master data and predict supplier behavior. Every data point is scored based on accuracy and age.



Fields of supplier data to ensure accuracy for your vendor master

The breadth of data validations from our proprietary database and integrated data sources provides you with supplier intelligence that is unmatched in the market. Your team can make decisions with accurate data on every supplier.



Trusted data sources integrated to provide updates and alerts with a single contract

Get the data from the source. 1000+ data sources from global governments, regulators, and authoritative third parties provide the accuracy for you to make decisions.


The global source of truth for third-party data.

Transform your master data management with real-time data validations and enrichment from the most reliable data sources.

Leverage the best possible third-party data and elevate your source-to-pay operations to new heights.


Continuous Monitoring

Real-time surveillance of your vendor data helps protect your company of critical events (fraud, OFAC violations) and financial risk (credit score changes). Real value in real time.


Trusted Data Sources

Validations directly from the source of truth. Tax IDs from 200+ government agencies. Real-time bank ownership data from the actual bank. Insurance coverage direct from the insurance carrier. Prohibited checks from OFAC, Interpol and the UN.


Compliance Risk Mitigation

Unfortunately, war, bribery and money laundering is prevalent throughout the world. Get notified right away if your supplier get flagged to ensure compliance and protect your company from fines.


Accurate Data, Always

Keep all of our customer and vendor data accurate through integration with the most trusted source of the data. Tax ID/VAT, bank information, diversity status, addresses, and a lot more.

Data Enrichment

Enrich Third-Party Data

The data that you don’t have may provide a better picture of your supplier. Automate enrichment to see info like industry codes, diversity status, locations, employees and more.

Data Trust

Scored for Age

Data validated today is more trustworthy than data validated last year. So our data trust scores reflect that.


Create the best possible vendor data.

Our on-demand technology-driven vendor master maintenance solution is the most efficient way to validate, enrich and continuously improve your vendor records.


Remove duplicate records that can trigger over payments

Enhance your financial resilience by eliminating the risk of overpayments and error-free vendor master.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our platform streamlines compliance, mitigates business risks, and boosts regulatory adherence.


New Defenses Against Sophisticated P2P Fraud

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

No one bank account change control will prevent payment fraud. Layers of protection are needed to prevent the many different techniques of evading your controls.

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Supplier Diversity

4-6% of the suppliers that you currently do business with are diverse - and you don’t know it. Identify and enrich your supplier data with our diversity data integration so your reporting accurately reflects your diverse spend.

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Bank Ownership

Bank Account Ownership Validation

The most effective bank account change control is automated validation directly with the bank. It isn’t available everywhere, but needs to be part of payment fraud prevention program.

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Prohibited Lists

Prohibited Lists

Resilience starts with removing manual process from supplier management. Replace monitoring for prohibited suppliers in your supply base with onboarding new suppliers to support your business.

Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Automated tax ID / VAT validation is the fastest way to confirm the identity of your supplier or customer. Reduce manual labor and risk of non-compliance fines with integration to every government.

PEP Lists

Politically Exposed Persons Lists

Simplify compliance assessments with automated vetting of customers and suppliers against PEP lists to mitigate the risk of corruption and money laundering.

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in Sales & Use Tax Recoveries

A global leader in logistics operations needed help. The tax leaders kept getting notices for underpaid taxes with penalties and interest.

US-based company with $3.4 billion in revenue


increase in prevention of duplicate payments

How Hershey’s is Kissing Overpayments Goodbye

“How many dollars of chocolate would we have to sell to equal a million in recoveries?”

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