$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world. 35+ years of experience combined with industry-leading AI technology is how we protect your bottom line from payment errors and hidden procure-to-pay risks.

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of spend analyzed and protected annually

We work with procure-to-pay teams at the largest companies in the world to ensure that they keep every dollar owed to them. Whether auditing accounts payable transactions, contracts, tax payments or other areas of spend, we find the hidden funds.



of our claims are upheld

How do we ensure our claims are not reversed? We take the time to validate recoveries with your suppliers, tracking all the activities and conversations before we present a vendor-approved or recommended deduction.



supplier records in our database

35 years of interacting with suppliers provides us with the data to know which suppliers are likely to have a recovery and the best ways to contact them. Less repetitive tasks equates to more meaningful supplier interactions.


Great people+great tools=more recoveries, more respect

We respect your time and your suppliers’ time.  That’s why we gave our team of over 80 supplier relations analysts and specialists, audit support analysts, recovery leads, statement analysts and mailing specialists the best tools to use.


We reach out to tens of thousands of suppliers for every client.  And with the combination of supplier relations skills and best technologies, our response rates and recovery rates are the highest in the industry.



Intelligence Technology

Post-Audit Insights

Hidden credits, duplicate payments, returns. Get a deep dive on the issues and gaps we uncover to improve processes and prevent future losses.

Integration 02

ERP Integration

Quick data transfer to all major ERPs saves time and resources. SAP certified, Oracle partner and pre-set integrations for legacy systems.

AI Modeling

Recover More with AI

From filling the gaps of vendor data to identifying suppliers that most likely will have a hidden credit. Our technology was built so our team can have more meaningful conversations.


24/7 Progress Tracking

Stay informed at every step with online access to funds getting recovered and the progress of your audit.

Global Market

Global Shared Services Experts

Skilled, certified experts fluent in more than 20 languages and experienced in the industries and regions where you do business.

Supplier Comms

Preserve Supplier Relationships

We respect your suppliers and have built a process to minimize their time so we can pursue recoveries while preserving great relationships.

Recovery Audit Benchmarking

Find out why you lose 23% of recoveries every year you delay an audit.


Get the most value out of your investment

There is more to gain from a recovery audit than just revenue. We go well beyond the traditional audit to explore new and innovative audit opportunities—helping you recover, protect and do more than ever before.


Discover which controls are working...

...where the gaps are and how you can fix them.


Millions waiting to be recovered

What will you do with the money?


Analyze root causes

Protect supplier relationships, correct P2P control gaps.

The results were amazing. This was a professional approach. It was data driven.
Gerard Cardillo, Chief Procurement Officer, Charles River Labs Hear Gerard's Story
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General Risk

Pre-escheatment & Unclaimed Property

Recover unclaimed property, avoid fines and keep funds from being escheated to government authorities.

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Retail Merchandise

Shorten audit times and recover overpayments across all aspects of your retail operations – from AP, pricing and promotions to vendor allowances, freight, inventory and deal terms.

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Continuous Validation

Continuous Recovery Audit

Despite your best monitoring, mistakes happen. And you may not find errors until months later when it’s too late to recover. Our team can review data closer to the time transactions occur so nothing slips by.

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Recovered, $50M in duplicate payments identified and corrected.

Using a technology-enabled audit to drive transformative change

Audit reports provided baseline metrics for benchmarking


in Sales & Use Tax Recoveries

A global leader in logistics operations needed help. The tax leaders kept getting notices for underpaid taxes with penalties and interest.

US-based company with $3.4 billion in revenue

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