Payment fraud is going undetected in your company.1

Although standard controls detect most fraud, billions are still lost annually to sophisticated criminals using social engineering and synthetic fraud to evade detection. The longer the fraud runs undetected the greater the financial and reputational damage.

1All statistics below from ACFE: Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations®




The average loss per fraud case

The average fraud loss per case exceeds $1.7 million, representing massive financial damage for business.



The average fraud runs for two years before being detected.

Fraud goes undetected for 2 years on average before discovery, allowing losses to pile up over time and become harder to recover.




Loss in revenue by organizations worldwide due to fraud annually

The typical organization loses 5 percent of its revenues to fraud each year—an estimated $4.7 trillion in losses worldwide.

Be Prepared

Fraud scams are growing in frequency and sophistication.

Is your business using technology to protect against fraud?


Detecting The Undetectable

apexanalytix fraud detection continuously analyzes supplier attributes, transaction patterns, and multi-enterprise fraud activity across the apex global community of clients.


Composite fraud scores identify suspicious behavior. Identify fraud that would otherwise go undetected and block fraudulent payments before they go out the door. Fraud detection even helps you build and manage your case.

Fraud Detect Scoring


Vendors continuously analyzed

More than 250,000 vendors, $5M annual invoices and $15B in disbursements are analyzed for fraud and risk by one of the nation’s largest retailers in the transportation industry. The company turned to apexanalytix for help in driving down supplier risks and uncovering costly fraud scams.


Annual disbursements protected

Analytics are used to prevent overpayments and to scan data for high-risk attributes linked to fraud scams for this global electronics and engineering powerhouse. Detailed reports flag suspicious transactions, rank order risks and provide internal investigators with the detailed information they need to take immediate action.


Duplicates prevented weekly

This healthcare company uses Fraud Detection software to provide continuous protection against disbursement errors and fraud. The software extracts and analyzes data daily from the company’s PeopleSoft and Basware systems—generating easy to use reports that rank-order risks by importance. Team members can quickly review the information and intervene before erroneous disbursements are made.


Continuous, automated protection to identify and mitigate fraud risk

Employee collusion? Paying prohibited entities? Unusual payment patterns? Conflicts of interest? Fraud Detection quickly and continuously combs through every single invoice looking for suspect patterns. Sophisticated analytics and AI-driven scoring flag risk and uncover suspicious vendors and transactions and provide a dashboard for resolution.

Fraud Detection services

Benefit from an independent assessment.

Fraud experts use AI and analytics to flag, score and prioritize risks. Then we present the findings to your cross-functional team to take action.

Fraud Detect

Analyze it all

apexportal Fraud Detection consolidates and analyzes all available data—not just a random sample. So you’ll have comprehensive results you can trust.

Sophisticated analytics flag suspicious vendors and transactions and even detect overlapping vendor-employee relationships.


Monitor every invoice

Continuously monitor the mountain of invoices submitted to your company for payment. Each is evaluated against a long list of risk factors associated with fraud—from consecutive invoice numbers to anomalies in the amount billed.

You can take action before payment is made.


Rank order risks

Our comprehensive portfolio of reports will prioritize and rank-order risks so you know where to focus your attention first.

You’ll have a risk score for each vendor, detailed vendor profiles and business risk analyses, employee to vendor matches, prohibited entity matches and more.

General Risk

Take quick action

Arm your investigators with all the facts they need to conduct a thorough review and take quick action.

Address suspected fraud, employee policy violations, conflicts of interest, vendor business risks, compliance issues and other lurking risks to your business operations and finances.

Value Reporting

Slice and dice the results

Reports are included and ready-to-use so you can prioritize findings, organize them according to your escalation procedures and customize suspected frauds for action by corporate investigations, human resources, audit, compliance, legal and other departments.


Build on the platform

You can extend the return on your Fraud Detection investment by adding other apexportal modules, benefit from Overpayment Prevention and more.

Each solution uses the latest in cognitive analysis and predictive analytics.


Benefit from an independent assessment.

Fraud experts use AI and analytics to flag, score and prioritize risks. Then we present the findings to your cross-functional team to take action.

Vendor risk analysis

Here's what we deliver:

  • Prioritized risk scores for each vendor
  • Detailed profiles of top-risk vendors
  • Employee-vendor matches
  • Prohibited entities found in your vendor master
  • Vendor anomalies

Vendor risk with employee data

Collusion between suppliers and internal bad actors is found in more than half occupational fraud cases according to ACFE's 2022 Report to the Nations.

An independent service, compliant with confidentiality and privacy regulations, can uncover potential fraud before it affects your revenue and reputation.

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Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Director of Finance, Global Business Services

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