Navigating the complex landscape of ESG regulations.

Complying with ever-evolving sustainability regulations and maintaining a resilient, cost-effective supply chain can be resource-intensive for organizations.



Of CPOs' biggest challenge is keeping up with ESG regulatory requirements. 1

A ProcureCon EU survey of 100 global procurement leaders found that the biggest roadblock to achieving their sustainability initiatives is staying informed with the latest ESG requirements. The impact on their operations was the second challenge.

1ProcureCon EU Sustainability Report



The average time it historically takes for a questionnaire-based assessment. 2

Even with a third-party provider, companies exhaust resources to gather and report information on their suppliers' sustainability practices like waste management, human rights, diversity policies and other data needed to comply with regulations.

2ProcureCon EU Sustainability Report




The fine if a $1B in revenue is non-compliant with the CSDD.

Companies will be liable for fines equal to 5% of their revenue for non-compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, 2% for the German Supply Chain Act, while California's SB 253 fines companies $500K if failing to comply.

Automated Supplier Risk Assessments

Eliminate supplier friction and dramatically accelerate time to value by fully automating the identification and triage of suppliers based on known or inherent risks. Our robust data, built-in best practices, automated alerts, and configurable workflows allow businesses to generate region-specific risk assessments for easier and faster supplier due diligence.



Our Rapid Scoring Model

Our method provides companies with the fastest turnaround for verified supplier scorecards on the market. Giving companies timely visibility to mitigate potential risks, ensure regulatory compliance and create a more sustainable, resilient supply chain.


Extrapolated Data from 100M Supplier Records

Our database supplier information and ESG attributes from over 100 million records and 1,000 external data sources including global government agencies and regulatory entities.


Automated Web Data-Harvesting

Additional supplier data is gathered through AI, web crawling, news monitoring, published reports and authoritative third-parties. An expert reviews the harvested data to ensure accuracy.


Collaborate with Suppliers (if needed)

Our scoring model allows for supplier collaboration through configurable online questionnaires where suppliers can review, update, and supplement pre-populated data.


Comply with Confidence

apexanalytix’s Supplier Sustainability Compliance program allows companies to rapidly identify their suppliers’ sustainability data with automated risk mitigation. No supplier input is necessary, but collaboration is enabled if more in-depth information is needed for regulatory reporting. .




Your Path to a More Sustainable Supply Chain

By implementing sustainability risk and compliance measures across their supply chain, companies create long-term value for their business by increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and creating a resilient supply chain.

Data Trust

Fastest Supplier Scoring Model

Our Rapid Scoring Model includes data extrapolation from our database of 100M+ internal supplier records and 1,000+ external sources, AI data-harvesting and, if necessary, online supplier questionnaires.


Collaborative Performance Management

Utilize our secure portal to work with suppliers through automated alerts and workflows. Mitigate risks, investigate issues, conduct on-site audits, and manage supplier performance with ease.

Risk Management

Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Management

Our dashboard provides insights to help businesses pinpoint and understand which suppliers have the most potential for improvement and which can be a significant risk to your company and should be reconsidered.


Expert Data Review & Verification

While communicating sustainability performance in a report is essential, data assurance is another vital aspect. Our data consultants continuously evaluate evidence and ensure an accurate supplier assessment.


Auditable Reporting & Data Export

Communicate sustainability compliance progress and generate reports based on regulatory and exchange disclosure guidelines. Need help determining which regulatory requirements to follow? Our sustainability consultants can guide you on regulations that matter to your organization.


Scope 3 Emissions

More than two-thirds of a company’s total carbon impact is based on its supply chain. Decarbonize your supply chain across scope 3 with customized emissions targets and adopt measures for more efficient carbon utilization.

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Integrate with other apexportal solutions for a comprehensive supplier management tool.

Supplier Management

Supplier Onboarding

Remove manual tasks from supplier onboarding with a self-service supplier portal that automatically validates supplier data and ensures compliance.

Supplier Risk Management

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Detect, prevent, and predict supply chain cyber threats to protect your business and reputation.


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