Lots of documentation means lots of questions.

Your company has numerous requirements to maintain strong relationships with your suppliers, including onboarding documentation, insurance policies, risk management policies, regulatory compliance and more.

Unfortunately, your suppliers and internal teams don’t have the time to look through documentation to get answers. They need the answers now to do their jobs, get profiles filled out and ensure that your supplier management program is compliant.


Supplier management without...
the actual management.

The apex Neural Engine represents a significant step forward in how businesses collaborate and interact with suppliers through layers of automated technologies.

apex Neural Engine leverages cutting-edge technology to swiftly grasp all your supplier requirements, offering conversational support for all queries.


Whether a supplier seeks information on early payment options or a procurement manager is onboarding a new supplier, apex Neural Engine provides prompt answers on your company’s documentation or third-party vendor management tools.


Eliminate phone calls, call center hours, and email exchanges – provide everyone with the answers they need, precisely when needed.


Drive better results with AI.

Your ultimate solution for efficient supplier interactions. Transform the way you handle suppliers, ensuring seamless operations and superior customer experiences.



Detect supplier risks as through integration with 1000+ trusted data sources (prohibited lists, banking consortium, governments and more).


Knowledge Bases

Establish public, private and segment-specific knowledge bases to answer questions according to your security requirements.

AI Insights

Upload Documents

Effortlessly update the Neural Engine's knowledge bases by uploading supplier documentation and policies.

Integration 02

Trainable risk-sensing assistant

Continuously monitor for risk within your supplier segments based on risks that matter most to you by supplier segment or region.

It empowers our clients with a trainable risk-sensing assistant to take automated action and remediate those risks based on our client’s specific decisioning process.
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Use Case: Enhancing the Supplier Experience

More guidance, less emails.

apex offers a conversational Neural Engine that can answer supplier questions automatically – whether in the discovery phase, approved status, or as a long-term supplier.


Documentation can easily be added to the Neural Engine’s knowledgebases to answer questions based on the type of supplier status. Information from various documents can be leveraged to provide answers that may not be answerable from one document.


Any documentation can be added to a knowledgebase:


Public Policies

Modern Slavery Act

Diversity Program

Safety & assurance programs

Standard PO Terms & Conditions

Segment-specific requirements

HIPAA/PHI compliance

Country tax/AML compliance

Private Documentation

Documents required to onboard

Electronic invoicing and payment procedures

Answers to additional solutions others

Use Case: Empowering the Vendor Management Team

On-the-job training.

Suppliers aren't the only ones with questions. apex Neural Engine offers a conversational approach for vendor management teams to onboard and manage suppliers.

Every response based on your company's documentation, your team can effortlessly grasp how apexportal operates to understand compliance procedures without having to search through documents.

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Why apex

Freedom of control is yours.

This is your supply chain, your supplier ecosystem and your risk to be managed.
That’s why we build technology that gives you the power and flexibility to run your business.
Your way.

  • 100% of Your Suppliers
  • For Today, Tomorrow & Forever
  • Auto-sense Assist
  • Community Driven, AI-enabled

100% of Your Suppliers

Every supplier represents risk and opportunity. Fraud, reputation, revenue. Keep every supplier in scope with apex.


For Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Built-in best practices + highly configurable solutions to meet your company’s unique and changing needs. Today and into the future.


Auto-sense Assist

Empower your enterprise at scale with a smart platform that continuously assesses risk and opportunities, taking action tailored to your business requirements.


Community Driven, AI-enabled

Continuous improvement through AI-enabled datasets and shared innovation across a community of the world's most successful companies.

Customer Stories

Peak performers
pick apex.

Whether long-form webinars or in-person conference presentations, our clients love to share best practices - what drives measurable value - with their peers.


faster average supplier onboarding
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“Game changing speed. We previously had a paper-based onboarding process and now we can do same day onboarding.”

Chuck Stefanosky, Supplier Diversity Director


increase in supplier discounts taken annually

“apexanalytix has exponentially changed our whole supplier onboarding process.”

Amy Platis, Director of Finance

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