Intense competition and an unrelenting focus on cost control have transformed the retail marketplace. Forward-thinking companies are upending the status quo and using the post-disbursement audit to make a direct and measurable contribution to their company’s financial performance. apexanalytix offers a unique continuum of support for the retail audit, including expert people, processes and technology that deliver more recoveries in less time. We help you protect hard-earned profits and achieve breakthrough levels of performance.

That same focus on innovation is making its way into the recovery audit arena in response to merchandise types, promotions and allowances that have become complex and error-prone.

Forward-thinking retailers are using the post-disbursement audit to make a direct and measurable contribution to their company’s financial performance—now and into the future. They are partnering with recovery auditors to shorten audit cycle times, identify new controls and expand into new audit arenas, including tax overpayment, contract compliance and more. They also are mining company data to uncover critical insights that deliver ongoing value.

Global Financial Shared Services Adoption. As companies move to centralized service models, post-audit becomes an important leverage point for recovering lost profits and making process changes that prevent future savings leakage.

Why apexanalytix? We audit more Global 2000 companies than any recovery auditor in the world and are highly experienced in shared services environments. We focus not only on recoveries, but on prevention-based improvements in global operations, processes and controls.

ERP Implementation and Consolidation. As ERP systems become the transactional platform of record, companies are in a better position than ever to capture inaccuracies and recover profits.

Why apexanalytix? We have broad experience with virtually every ERP environment used today. We also have the fastest and most accurate data analytics in the industry—helping us deliver the most recoveries in the shortest possible time.

apexanalytix offers global audit solutions for virtually all aspects of your financial operations. We go well beyond the traditional accounts payable audit to explore new and innovative audit opportunities—helping you recover more and protect more than ever before. Using our innovative firststrike software, auditors are able to quickly consolidate and
analyze large data stores, file fact-based claims and protect your bottom line. We use a seamless process that keeps you fully informed, while reducing the demands on your time.

Other apexrecovery audit services include:
• Accounts Payable: Recoup duplicate payments, paid credit memos, missed discounts, uncaptured credits and more without disrupting vital supplier relationships.
• Contract Compliance: Find and recover losses associated with indirect spending.
• Pricing Compliance: Recover losses associated with direct spending in support of product production.
• Pre-escheatment and Unclaimed Property: Avoid government fines, recover unclaimed property and keep funds from being escheated to the state.
• Sales & Use Tax/VAT: Assess compliance, identify overpayments, develop refund/credit claims and more.

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