Lawsuit incoming!

Businesses risk paying millions of dollars in lawsuits from accidents caused by suppliers. It’s impossible to guarantee that your supplier has the right coverage when you manually check once a year. They could stop payments, change coverage or simply not have enough coverage if multiple clients were impacted.


You. Insured. All the time.

apexanalytix ensures that your suppliers have continuous compliant coverage through integration with the Smart COI Network–covering 90% of business insurance policies in the US and Canada. Supplier insurance verification is built-in to the supplier onboarding process.


Continuously monitored coverage.

Automated workflows quickly remediate insurance gaps. If one of your suppliers’ coverage falls below your thresholds, the supplier and their insurance agent are automatically notified to resolve the issue ASAP. For high-risk supplier segments, you can automatically block the suppliers until the coverage is restored.


Automated COI Management, Solved.

apexanalytix's supplier-facing solution was built to rapidly onboard and manage suppliers without error prone manual tasks like email exchanges.


1. Supplier Onboarding

1. Supplier Onboarding

During onboarding, every supplier is prompted to provide the information of their insurance agents.


2. Coverage Requests

2. Coverage Requests

apex receives the details of coverage requests sent to the supplier's agent through the Smart COI Network.


3. Requirements Comparison

3. Requirements Comparison

Supplier coverage details is compared to your insurance requirements, If not met, the supplier and the insurance agents are automatically notified to resolve gaps.

Continuous Validation

4. Continuous Monitoring

4. Continuous Monitoring

Any change in coverage prompts an automated assessment against your requirements.

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