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Accurately scoring and gaining insights from data is a complex task. It requires advanced algorithms, real-time validation, and comprehensive data sources. The challenge lies in managing vast amounts of data, ensuring its accuracy and transforming it into actionable insights.




Poor data quality costs business.

Poor data quality costs issues include regulatory non-compliance, impaired decision-making, and damaged customer experiences.

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of businesses experience poor data quality.

Poor data quality increases IT and operations costs, decreased productivity, and an inability to make sound business decisions.

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of organizations experience data quality issues.

Top impacts are increased IT costs, less effective decision-making and reduced productivity.

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More insight. More protection.

Our advanced analytics and scoring systems transform raw data into actionable insights, driving smarter decisions and improved business outcomes.


With our comprehensive data validation, real-time scoring, and insightful reports, you can trust the accuracy of your data and gain a competitive edge.

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Bank Account Confidence
  • Bank Account Confidence

  • Fraud Detect Score

  • Cash Discount Likelihood

  • Supplier Claim Score

  • Duplicate Payment Score

Bank Account Confidence Score

It’s in the data. No bank account change happens online without trails of data.

IP addresses, how long the bank account has been open, similarity to other supplier data…the list goes on.

Combined with our 100M+ supplier database, we can confidently determine if a bank account change is legit or not.

The apex platform provides the automated analysis your team needs to quickly flag suspicious requests for further due diligence and confidence to automate every legit request.

Fraud Detect Score

apexportal identifies fraud that would otherwise go undetected and blocks fraudulent payments before they go out the door. Then, it helps you build your case.

AI continuously analyzes all your supplier profiles, transaction data, and signals from the apexanalytix global fraud monitoring community.

Alerts your team to further investigate suspicious suppliers and provides the data required to catch the criminals.

Automatically blocks fraudulent payments as soon as apexportal detects potential fraud.

Cash Discount Likelihood

Cash Discount Likelihood (CDL) scoring is a proprietary, machine-learning process developed with the input of Treasury and Finance domain experts that uses predictive analytics to determine the likelihood of a supplier to accept a discount.

With the CDL score, apexportal recommends the highest rate that suppliers will accept to maximize discounts captured. With offers on a sliding scale, suppliers also have the flexibility to choose a combination of discount rate and date for their working capital requirements.

Supplier Statement Score

Our auditors, statement analysts and recovery analysts have power at their fingertips.

Over 30 years of recovery audits, apex has developed a database of suppliers that continuously tracks all supplier interactions so we know when to contact them, how to contact them and who are the most responsive contacts.

This history is compiled into a score based on past audits and provides data on when we recovered overpayments, which suppliers cooperated, and which ones suppressed credits on statements.

Data-guided conversations, ultimately, means more meaningful supplier interactions.

Duplicate Payment Score

Traditional ERP duplicate invoice checks block the duplicate invoices only if they are entered the exact same way as the first —same company code, vendor, date, invoice number, amount, currency and ERP instance.

apex’s duplicate payment scoring is built to catch every duplicate that aren’t an exactly the same and may come from different ERP instances and submission methods.

AI automatically scans every invoice to identify duplicates and outliers then assigns a score based on the likelihood and financial impact. That way, no duplicate payment slips by.


Empowering Decisions with Data.

Harness our platform’s unique data scoring system to transform intricate data into actionable insights, propelling your business towards unparalleled success.

Data Trust

Real-Time Data Scoring

Real-time data scoring capabilities, allowing them to assess the quality and relevance of their supplier data instantaneously.

AI Insights

Advanced Analytics

Enable users to build predictive models based on their supplier data, facilitating forecasting and trend analysis.

Data Security

Data Security

Ensure robust data security measures are in place to protect users’ supplier data from unauthorized access.

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