Sales & Use Tax

A comprehensive, multistate program built on decades of experience and unmatched software

With over 11,000 US tax jurisdictions collecting sales and use tax, typically, it is not a question of did you overpay sales and use tax, but how much did you overpay. And the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair US Supreme Court decision has thrown gasoline on the fire. Most suppliers will now charge you tax and you may have no idea if they are charging it correctly.

Tax professionals from apexanalytix can help. We have been protecting the largest companies in the world from overpayments in AP for the past 30 years and we have developed our own proprietary software that helps identify incorrect tax payments. This includes the identification of overpayments, outreach to suppliers and local or state agencies, and putting that money back in your account.


We believe in taking a comprehensive look at your operations by reviewing tax-related work processes, determining whether your payment systems are properly configured, analyzing disbursement data, and recovering sales and use taxes you’ve overpaid. Our tax professionals then work directly with suppliers and tax jurisdictions to resolve claims.


Each tax review includes an in-depth analysis using apexanalytix firststrike—software that lets us quickly analyze large volumes of data from disparate systems and payment platforms. This technology advantage allows us to find more and recover more in less time. We use the same technology for pre-audit planning and to design custom sales and use tax solutions tailor-fit to your operations.


Unlike companies who deploy armies of temporary workers or junior personnel to conduct tax reviews, your apexanalytix team will include only highly experienced auditors who are seasoned experts in multistate taxes. The experience of our team and the depth of our technology-enabled analysis help ensure claims are refunded. Historically our tax team has recovered more than 90 percent of the refund claim amounts filed with tax authorities.


Each sales and use tax review includes a comprehensive Tax Management Assessment Report to document the root cause of problems we uncover. You’ll be able to prevent future overpayments by proactively resolving issues with work processes, ERP system settings, proper tax law interpretation and more. You can even choose to add our firststrike® software to your internal operations as an additional layer of protection against future overpayments.

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