Passwords are leaving you and your business vulnerable.

Traditional security methods, such as password-based logins and multifactor authentication, are no longer enough to safeguard your organization and suppliers from cyber threats. The increasing level of sophistication displayed by hackers necessitates more robust controls.



of data breaches are due to weak or reused passwords.

Verizon Security Report, 2022




of revenue was loss in 2023 due to business email compromise.

FBI Internet Crimes Report, 2023



of internet users admit to reusing passwords across different websites.

Google Report, 2022

Solution Overview

Fraudsters can't hack a password if there is no password to hack.

Passkeys are passwordless. This new type of login credential allows users to securely access their accounts across the web using biometrics like a fingerprint or face scan, or a screen lock PIN.

Why Enable Passkeys?

Enhanced security.

Using passkeys and eliminating passwords helps organizations become immune to a multitude of cyber threats. This ensures sensitive data, like bank account information, remains secure and cannot be obtained by a fraudster even if a supplier or customer’s network is compromised.

Ultimate usability.

Passkeys also alleviate password fatigue for users by removing the need to memorize or change passwords, or worry about complex login requirements. Once set up, it is the easiest and most secure way to access their account. 

Types of Passkeys

A Passwordless Experience

There are various types of passkeys, all of which aim to make it easier for users to access their accounts while making it harder for hackers to gain access.


Biometric Scan

Fingerprint or face scan that can be enabled on a computer if available, or can be autheticated using an Android, iPhone or iPad device.


USB Security Key

A hardware-based authentication using a physical USB device that is plugged into a laptop or computer, allowing login with a simple click of a mouse.

Data Security

Encrypted Security Pin

A long, unique and random string of characters that's stored locally on a computer device via Windows Hello, iCloud Keychain or through a secured browser.


In an increasingly interconnected world fraught with cyber threats, providing next-level protection through Passkeys not only enhances our clients' confidence in our services, but also underscores our commitment to proactive risk mitigation and unparalleled data protection.

Akhilesh Agarwal, COO & EVP, Global Procure to Pay Solutions & Applied Technology at apexanalytix Read the Press Release
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