Tame your complex tax challenges.

With over 11,000 US tax jurisdictions, there is a lot of opportunity for error and overpaying sales or use taxes. Protect your bottom line and ensure that you pay only what you owe.

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US tax jurisdictions, but also global tax rules.

There is a lot of opportunity for error and overpaying sales or use taxes. Unfortunately, state and local tax auditors generally don’t look for overpayments of sales and use taxes, so you need to be proactive and find them.




Just one refund in sales and use tax overpayments.

This global company discovered it was paying both sales and use taxes on the same purchases.




Recoveries from three sales and use tax audits.

The tax leaders were worried. They kept getting notices for underpaid taxes with penalties and interest. The tax department hired apexanalytix to review all sales and use tax data. We found them almost $16M.

Tax software user? you use a tax software program?

We find sales and use tax recoveries in companies with even the most carefully configured sales and use tax software.

Mistakes still happen, sometimes in spite of, and sometimes even because of the sales tax software. An audit can help you configure your software when you see the findings.

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Recovered for a $20B technology company - they paid sales and use tax on the same purchases.



Recovered for a $3B office equipment manufacturer who paid tax on non-taxable software.


Reverse sales and use tax audits deliver value and offset underpayments

We review tax-related work processes, determine whether your payment systems are properly configured, analyze disbursement data, and recover sales and use taxes that you’ve overpaid.


We work directly with the state auditors and see the audit through to resolution, and the audit is contingency-fee based so we are motivated to drive results fast.



Comprehensive, multistate program

… built on decades of experience and unmatched software. We  review tax-related
work processes, determine whether your payment systems are properly configured, analyze disbursement data, and recover what you’ve overpaid.

Tax auditors then work directly with suppliers and tax jurisdictions to resolve claims.

We can use the same data as an AP recovery audit, so it makes sense to look for sales and use tax overpayments if we are already doing an accounts payable audit.


Analyzing all the transactions

Each tax review includes an in-depth analysis using apexanalytix firststrike— software that lets us quickly analyze large volumes of data from disparate systems and payment platforms. This technology advantage allows us to find more and recover more in less time. We use the same technology for pre-audit planning and to design custom sales and use tax solutions tailor-fit to your operations.

Help Desk

Tax experts on staff

Unlike companies who deploy armies of temporary workers or junior personnel to conduct tax reviews, your apexanalytix team will include only highly experienced auditors who are seasoned experts in multistate taxes. The experience of our team and the depth of our technology-enabled analysis help ensure claims are refunded. Our tax team has recovered more than 90 percent of the refund claim amounts filed with tax authorities.

Continuous Validation

Feedback to fix it

Each sales and use tax review includes a comprehensive Tax Management Assessment Report to document the root cause of problems we uncover. You’ll be able to prevent future overpayments by proactively resolving issues with work processes, ERP system settings, proper tax law interpretation and more. You can even choose to add our firststrike® software to your internal operations as an additional layer of protection against future overpayments.

Tax Compliance

Audit and software experts

35 years of experience performing audits means we have some of the best people and tools to make your audit efficient and productive. Many clients combile the unclaimed property review with an accounts payable recovery audit, contract compliance review, and sales and use tax audit. Then the value really appreciates.

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Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

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Peak performers
pick apex.

Whether long-form webinars or in-person conference presentations, our clients love to share best practices - what drives measurable value - with their peers.


Recovered in three sales and use tax audits

Three Audits, $15.9 million in Sales and Use Tax Recoveries

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