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Communications with suppliers annually


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Recoveries for global clients annually


Years of continuous innovation and profitable growth

Your Vendor Data Won't Clean Itself!
(or will it?)

Supplier Information Management

Jaw-Dropping Automation for Supplier Information Management

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The Vendor Master Problem
The quality of your vendor master drives the quality of your P2P. Download our report to learn how robotics and smart technology can transform your vendor master.
APEX Analytix News & Events
A lot is going on at APEX Analytix. Learn more about our products and services and what we are up to. From trade shows to volunteering, our associates get involved.
Innovation Drives Revolution
Learn about APEX Archimedes, the cognitive technology integrated into our software and services that's driving smarter recoveries, better controls, cleaner data and more.

Balance Artificial & Human Intelligence to Drive Recoveries

Date: October 16, 2018
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Speaker(s): Geoff May, APEX AnalytixBill Dawson, 3M
Achieve more returns from your recovery audit than humanly possible.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The people at APEX Analytix are very dynamic. It’s a very cutting edge company and that’s because the employees over there are always looking to make improvements and add new types of services.
Director of Finance Operations
IT Infrastructure Services
Look, compliance audit firms are a dime a dozen. APEX Analytix gets the uniqueness of our firm, and just as importantly the culture of Best Buy. They embrace it all...I just don't think another company could do that as well for us as APEX Analytix does.
Operational Audit Manager
Consumer Electronics Company
FirstStrike® has revolutionized our operations. Within our first 30 days of utilizing the software, we identified enough historical overpayments to fund the full cost of the application. Your innovative prevention-based model has allowed our group to positively impact the company’s bottom line and continually provide value.
Director of Disbursement and Receivable Processes
Transportation Industry
APEX Analytix has transformed how we do business. The implementation of FirstStrike provides us with comprehensive controls for potential duplicate invoices and does it in a fraction of the time it previously took to review. We now have clear visibility to our A/P data due to the robust reporting provided in FirstStrike, allowing us to more strategically plan our continued growth.
Global A/P Process Owner
Consumer Products
I know I sound like a cheerleader but APEX Analytix is the whole package: their offerings are cutting edge, they are always one step ahead of us, their customer service is fantastic, they are super responsive…they are great.
VP, Corporate Functions Services Accounts Payable
Financial Services
Many companies try to introduce their Audit Services to us, they are ALL greeted with the same response. We are “partnered” with APEX Analytix and have been for many years. They exceed our expectations in regard to Finding and Preventing Payment Errors.
CAPP Supervisor, A/P Global Financial Solutions
Pharmaceutical Company

The APEX Analytix Advantage

P2P leaders across the world’s largest companies use APEX Analytix supplier portal software; controls, audit and analytics software; and recovery audit services in virtually every country to produce billions in documented savings and income each year.

Leverage the latest in cognitive computing and our massive proprietary database of scored supplier records to recover and prevent overpayments, improve processes, ensure compliant supplier relationships, and optimize working capital.