Inefficient customer onboarding leads to delays in cash flow.

No one likes onboarding customers via email exchanges. Manual processes cause backlogs, errors, and inefficiencies— resulting in poor due diligence and a disruption in cash flow.


Of accounts receivable professionals say their biggest focus is developing stronger customer relationships from the start.

Bad onboarding experiences can damage customer relationships. AR teams know that communicating efficiently and building rapport can help improve payment timeliness and reduce outstanding balances.


Potential annual revenue loss attributed to not collecting sufficient customer information at onboarding.

According to a poll by the National Association of Credit Management and eNews, 27 percent of companies lose more than one million dollars in revenue yearly due to the inability to obtain adequate customer information.


Of accounts receivable teams use email to onboard customers and process credit applications.

The National Association of Credit Management conducted a survey asking what technologies AR teams use. Throughout the survey, a high percentage of organizations still relied on manual processes.


Transform your customer onboarding.

Leverage configurable business rules, automated workflows, and extensive validations to make onboarding customers efficient and compliant.


Streamline to onboard faster.

Registration, credit application, real-time data verification, automated credit check, collaboration, and unique approval workflows are all available in one secure, white-labeled portal.

Increase due diligence to decrease risks.

Our full data validation capabilities let you capture and verify customer information in real-time, run credit checks, and gain visibility into additional risks like prohibited lists and regulatory entities.

Make it your domain, configured your way.

Let automation work for you, not against you. Create your approval workflows, implement your business rules, and get the customer onboarding experience you need that works for your team.

Credit is risky business.

We can integrate with credit bureaus (D&B) so you can pull credit scores within your portal. This allows you to automate the credit decision process while creating unique approval workflows for various types of customers.


Know who you are doing business with.

Enhance your due diligence and gain visibility to help your team decide if a customer is a financial liability.


Validate Information in Real-time

Tax numbers, addresses, and more can be captured, validated, and approved in real-time, ensuring accurate information is transferred into your ERP systems.

General Risk

Screen for Additional Risks

Integrate with over a thousand external data sources, including global governments' prohibited lists, regulatory bodies, and authoritative third-parties.


Verify Financial Health

Multi-layer bank account verification process with positive confirmation from the banks (including Early Warning) or government entities.

Third-Party Risk Management

Countless layers of protection in one platform.

Threats are complex and constant. apexanalytix offers end-to-end risk management solutions to give you maximum visibility and control. Auto-sense, filter, and act before they become disruptions.


A better onboarding experience.

The apexportal delivers an alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual onboarding processes. Your customers can complete registration in their language through a simple, elegant web page branded with your company's logo.


All-in-one Secure Portal

Avoid onboarding via email, which is time-consuming and easily compromised. Instead, use a secure apexportal with your company logo, to allow your customers to register, submit financial information, upload documents, communicate with staff and go through approval workflows.


Automated Credit and References Check

Make the credit decision process faster with automated bank and trade reference checks and a native integration with credit bureaus (D&B), allowing you to pull credit scores within your portal.


Real-Time Data Validation

Verify customer information as they enter it. Tax numbers, addresses, and more can be captured, validated, and approved in real-time, ensuring accurate information is transferred into your ERP systems.

Data Quality

Robust Regulatory Validations

Take your due diligence to the next level and eliminate risks by screening customers against over a thousand external data sources, including global governments' prohibited lists, regulatory bodies and authoritative third-parties.


Automate Approval Workflows

Create multiple approval workflows with different criteria to ensure due dilligence and compliance across your entire customer base​.


Client-Specific Policies

Make it your domain: Uploading your master data, documents, work instructions, and policies-- together with our pre-configured business rules, allows you to create a customer onboarding experience tailored to your company's needs.


Pre-configured Global Business Rules

Utilize over 800 fields and 300,000 built-in business rules to easily customize and gather the information you need to onboard your customers and decrease financial risk.


Global Capabilities

We can support your global workforce and international customers by providing them access to your portal in their language. We cover 98 percent of global trade languages.

Integration 02

ERP Integration

After the customer enters their information into your portal and is verified and approved, it can be automatically transferred into your ERP with our foundational agnostic technology, which allows integration with almost any platform.

Supplier Management

Every. All. 100%

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Supplier Risk Management

Disrupt the disruption.

Prevent fines, fraud and supply chain disruptions with continuous monitoring of your supply base – without the noise.

Intelligent Data

Data in. Gold out.

The fastest way to validate and enrich your third-party data with APIs tapping 1,000+ trusted data sources and 100 million company golden records.

Customer Stories

Peak performers
pick apex.

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faster average onboarding
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“Game changing speed. We previously had a paper-based onboarding process and now we can do same day onboarding.”

Chuck Stefanosky, Supplier Diversity Director


increase in supplier discounts taken annually

“apexanalytix has exponentially changed our whole supplier onboarding process.”

Amy Platis, Director of Finance

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