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Innovations are commonplace in today’s highly competitive, global retail marketplace. It should be no surprise that the same spirit of innovation is making its way into the post-disbursement audit arena. Forward-thinking retailers are partnering with recovery auditors to shorten audit cycle times, identify new controls, expand into new audit arenas and mine data for critical insights that can improve financial performance. That’s where apexanalytix excels. We are poised to deliver an unmatched continuum of
support—helping you protect hard-earned profits and achieve breakthrough results.


apexanalytix is experienced in all aspects of your retail operations, including accounts payable, pricing, vendor allowances, freight, inventory, deal terms, sales, warehouse movements and more. We go beyond the obvious to take a holistic look at your operations, including both your merchandise and expense spending.


Our highly skilled retail auditors, data experts and business analysts know how to produce superior results. They are familiar with the complex and ever-changing global retail landscape—from emerging merchandise types and promotions to allowances that have become complex and error-prone.


Our audit experts assure you get the most out of your retail audit engagement, using processes honed through decades of experience with Global 2000 retailers. You’ll benefit from a carefully crafted, repeatable methodology that is focused on rapid results and continual improvement.


apexanalytix auditors are equipped with firststrike® Retail—highly sophisticated software that utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence—to help them consolidate and analyze large volumes of data from disparate systems in record time. You can adopt the same software to conduct your own internal audits and continuously protect against overpayments and fraud.


Each audit engagement includes a review of our findings and an analysis of why errors occurred. Our detailed reports include recommendations you can use to improve your processes and systems across your global operations—protecting hard-earned profits and achieving breakthrough levels of performance.


apexanalytix is the partner of choice for more Global 2000 companies than any recovery auditor in the world. We have experience in complex retail environments, global financial shared services and all varieties of ERP platforms—both commercial and homegrown.

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