Danny Thompson


Alan Lee

Executive VP and General Manager, apexESG Enterprise apexanalytix

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulatory compliance remains a priority for businesses across the globe, but what practical steps can supply chain leaders follow to convert sustainability initiatives into concrete operational steps?


Suppliers are responsible for more than half of a company’s carbon emissions, and they may also contribute to other ESG risk factors like diversity or modern-day slavery. The lack of transparency in a supply chain can be the downfall of a corporation’s ESG efforts. Therefore, successfully incorporating ESG compliance into a business involves various stakeholders, including supply chain operations.


In this webinar, Danny Thompson and Alan Lee discuss how a company can ensure they have concrete operational steps to meet ESG regulatory compliance in their supply chain lifecycle.


  • Overcoming ESG compliance challenges in your supply chain
  • How to prepare for future global ESG requirements and disclosures 
  • Using technology to efficiently identify and rectify suppliers with higher risk than their peers 
  • Live Q&A to discuss everything ESG 

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