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We'll get you up to speed. Equip your procurement teams with the right technology to effectively engage suppliers, mitigate supplier risks and ensure compliance reporting for 25+ global ESG regulations.

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Regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) mandate comprehensive reporting on environmental and human rights factors to promote transparency within your organization, including your supply chain.

Navigating their complex compliance requirements can feel daunting, but we can help simplify your path to compliance by:

-> Utilizing our database of 100M+ suppliers for faster, comprehensive supplier assessments.

-> Protecting the integrity of your supplier data by enabling integration with our supplier management and risk management solutions.

-> Employing turn-key methodologies for over 40+ frameworks and 25+ global regulations.

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Human Rights & Modern Slavery

Integrating human rights and modern slavery considerations into supplier onboarding can establish early alignment with suppliers. Continuous risk monitoring and collaboration with suppliers will be vital for transparency and compliance. Leverage apexanalytix's expertise in supplier management, due diligence, risk assessments, data management and reporting.

-> Supplier due diligence during sourcing and onboarding.

-> Real-time alerts on human rights violations from global governments and regulatory agencies.

-> Continuous media scanning for related crimes and infractions.

-> Assistance with metrics and built-in reporting frameworks.

-> Risk mitigation and supplier engagement.

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Carbon regulations are starting to require more transparency around an organization's supply chain's carbon emissions. Whether driven by law or goodwill, apexanalytix supports your low-carbon objectives.

-> Gain visibility into high-emission suppliers using proxy data. Then engage a segmented group of suppliers to gather data on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

-> Implement robust monitoring and verification mechanisms.

-> Identify which suppliers are compliant and prioritize energy-efficien,t low-carbon practices, and products.

-> Explore carbon offsetting initiatives to mitigate unavoidable emissions.


Our Path to Due Dilligence

Our process ensures companies achieve their compliance and sustainability goals efficiently and effectively.

Step 1

Capture supplier data quickly to identify risks sooner.

Scan 100% of your suppliers and get assessments within days. Our contactless, automated scoring delivers the fastest turnaround for verified supplier assessments on the market, providing real-time visibility into critical risks such as violations, prohibited lists and sanctions.

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Step 2

Analyze risks and identify compliance gaps.

With visibility into risks, we can further categorize suppliers and engage them based on risk, spend, relationship, and other factors to address gaps with supplier questionnaires and proxy data evaluations-- at no cost to your suppliers.

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Step 3

Evaluate suppliers against sustainability metrics.

Establish risk metrics for ongoing monitoring and improvement around their labor practices, carbon footprint, waste management and more. We'll help you effectively engage and collaborate with suppliers to achieve sustainability goals and address low-performing metrics.

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Step 4

Generate configurable dashboards and reporting.

Obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of your supply chain performance with tailored dashboards and compliance reporting. Allowing your team to spend more time on strategic objectives versus sorting through data.

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Our Solution

Risk informed. Compliance driven. Sustainability focused.

Powered by AI and guided by experts, our apexanalytix | Sustainability solution allows companies to quickly gather their suppliers’ ESG data, analyze for compliance gaps and risks, and automate any critical supplier engagement workflows to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.


Our supplier management technology helps companies be proactive by integrating sustainability due diligence in sourcing, onboarding and throughout the supplier lifecycle. We continuously assess suppliers’ risks and identify opportunities for collaboration and improvement.

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AI Insights

AI-Powered Supplier Assessments

Our supplier assessments includes ESG attributes from our database of 100M+ internal supplier records and 1,000+ external sources, with contactless AI data-harvesting to fill in any gaps and, if necessary, online supplier questionnaires.


40+ ESG Reporting Frameworks

Leverage built-in ESG frameworks to standardize reporting, benchmark performance against industry standards, develop strategies for risk mitigation and achieve regulatory compliance.


Tailored Supplier Questionnaires

Built-in supplier questionnaires can be configured by industry, size, and spend and tailored to global sustainability regulations requirements. If the supplier is in our database, fields in their questionnaire can be pre-populated with their oversight.


Emissions Datasets

Scope 3 emissions are difficult to measure. With access to our emissions datasets, easily calculate scope 3 emissions to comply with sustainability regulations.


Media Sentiment Analysis

Analyze news events related to the sustainability practices and reputation of suppliers.

Proactively identify risks (such as negative press coverage or regulatory changes) and opportunities (like positive media attention or industry accolades) for compliance tracking.


Configurable Dashboards

Each organization has unique sustainability goals and reporting requirements. Configurable dashboards allow users to tailor data visualization, providing a real-time view of supplier performance. This ensures clear, concise reporting and facilitates quick issue remediation.


Sector-Specfic Compliance

Different industries have varying environmental and social impacts, as well as governance structures, which means companies within a particular sector must follow to ensure they are meeting ESG criteria relevant to their industry.

We tailor to sector-specific compliance understanding the unique challenges, stakeholder metrics and regulatory requirements to truly evaluate a company’s performance.

Supplier Comms

Supplier Engagement & Performance Management

Engage suppliers as early as onboarding with questionnaires to pre-evaluate their sustainability practices and performance. Or segment suppliers by relationship, spend, and sector and continuously monitor suppliers' performance against predefined sustainability metrics.

Configurable alerts and workflows facilitate communication and collaboration, allowing alignment on sustainability goals and the implementation of improvement programs.


Team of Experts and Sustainability Partners

Our team of internal experts is here to support your end-to-end supplier sustainability initiatives, even as regulations and priorities shift and evolve.

Our partnerships with external agencies also provide you with additional access to a broad network of professionals, industry experts, and stakeholders, ensuring you stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

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