Leading provider of global supply chain risk management data, software and services launches apex Neural Engine to streamline supplier interactions and relationships

GREENSBORO, N.C. – MARCH 7, 2024 – Today, apexanalytix, the leading provider of global supply chain risk management data, software and services, announces the launch of apex Neural Engine, an AI-powered solution poised to shape the future of the supplier management landscape. 

The rise of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT has deeply impacted the supplier management space, with 50% of supply chain leaders actively planning to deploy generative AI in the next twelve months. While off-the-shelf AI solutions can offer convenience, they also come with a unique set of challenges and limitations. The apex Neural Engine was specifically designed to address these issues, leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine how suppliers engage and manage their buyer relationships. 

This launch marks the next milestone in apexanalytix’s mission to provide the most robust supplier management solution to organizations worldwide enabling them to train software to think and act on their behalf. The apex Neural Engine further advances apex’s comprehensive strategy to securely incorporate generative AI into the platform by establishing a built-in P2P expert that knows everything, guides human behavior and takes immediate action on your behalf.     

“The apex Neural Engine represents a significant step forward in how businesses collaborate,” said Steve Yurko, CEO of apexanalytix. “By leveraging artificial intelligence and our other advanced technology solutions, the apex Neural Engine enhances the efficiency of supplier interactions. It empowers our clients with a trainable risk-sensing assistant to consume impossibly voluminous risk signals from around the world to take automated action and remediate those risks based on our client’s specific decisioning process. We believe it is the most practical and most advanced application of this exciting new AI technology. We are very excited about how our clients will not just be aware of risks in the supply chain, but mitigate those risks with automation. This is just one significant innovation in an aggressive roadmap to make Supplier Management more auto-sensing, more tunable, more auto-responding to reduce friction and drive successful outcomes for clients.” 

It is more than just a chatbot or copilot; it’s a comprehensive platform that ensures a holistic approach to supplier support and business collaboration, allowing users to: 

  • Address queries from any third party and internal team 
  • Deliver every compliance requirement in easy-to-understand answers   
  • Establish public, private and segment-specific knowledgebases to answer questions according to an organization’s specific security requirements 
  • Build private knowledge bases by applying generative AI to any supplier documentation: general policies, sustainability practices, child labor policies, etc.  


With the release of apex Neural Engine, apexanalytix aims to streamline supplier interactions, improve communication, and ultimately contribute to more robust risk management strategies so organizations can navigate the complex supplier landscape with confidence. 

About apexanalytix® 

apexanalytix is a pioneer in the supply chain software, data, and analytics markets with data-powered software and services for supplier management, fraud prevention, and overpayment recovery. Today, apex serves over 300 Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies, protecting more than $9 trillion of annual spend across the world’s most complex supply chains. apex’s leading suite of products includes its supplier management platform, which fully automates supplier on-boarding, master data management, and continuous monitoring of supplier and supply chain risk, throughout the supplier life cycle.     




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