You. Insured. All the time.

apexportal InsurancePro ensures that your suppliers have continuous compliant coverage through integration with the Smart COI Network – covering 90% of business insurance policies in the US and Canada.

If one of your suppliers’ coverage falls below your thresholds, the supplier and their insurance agent are automatically notified to resolve the issue ASAP. For high-risk supplier segments, you can automatically block the suppliers until the coverage is restored.

How Autonomous COI Management works.

apexportal’s supplier-facing solution was built to rapidly onboard and manage suppliers without error prone manual tasks (like email exchanges). As part of fully automated onboarding, here is how apexportal brings automation to COI management.

  • At onboarding or when insurance changes, supplier provides insurance agent info (along with all additional requirements).
  • Coverage requests are sent to the agent through the Smart COI Network.
  • apexportal receives the coverage details.
  • Coverage details are compared to the requirements of the supplier.
    • Requirements not met! Supplier and agent are notified to resolve gaps.
    • Requrements met! Do business with this supplier!
  • Continuous Monitoring. Any change in coverage prompts an automated assessment against your requirements.

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