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Disrupt the disruption. Stop payment fraud and take control of supplier risk with apexanalytix. Catastrophic disruptions caused by supplier fraud and risk could happen anytime, to any business. Protect yourself with proactive supplier risk management technology.

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Scored profiles of global suppliers to the Fortune 1000.

Our proprietary database of 100M+ suppliers provides the most complete and accurate data to assess risk factors and facilitate a thorough onboarding. Every data point is scored based on accuracy and age.



Fields of supplier data to ensure accuracy for your vendor master.

The breadth of data validations from our proprietary database and integrated data sources provides you with unmatched supplier intelligence that creates a complete picture of supplier risk factors.



Integrated, trusted data sources

Get the data from the source. 1000+ data sources from global governments, regulators, and authoritative third parties provide the data accuracy needed for you to effectively manage risk.


Get alerted to what matters.

Managing risk is not about manually managing every risk—it’s about quickly identifying the important high-risk signals so you can take action.


Risk Scorecard

Quickly identify high-risk suppliers and approve those who meet your requirements. apexanalytix combines proprietary data, supplier questionnaires, and third-party data sources to surface all ongoing supplier risk factors.

Data Trust

World-Class Vendor Master Data

Know your suppliers better than they know themselves. With 1000+ data sources, 50M+ supplier records, and predictive analytics, apexanalytix equips you with a complete data picture on every supplier.

Supplier Comms

Supplier Questionnaires

Ask your suppliers the right questions, at the right time, in their language. Create segment-specific supplier questionnaires to inquire about ethics, IT, financial standing, business continuity planning, data policies, and more.


Continuous Risk Management

The apexanalytix platform automates supplier reminders for expiring insurance certificates, data protection agreements and other documentation. You can also schedule ongoing risk assessment surveys (e.g. annual cloud computing compliance questionnaire for IT vendors).

Data Enrichment

AI-Enabled Global Insights

Operationalize news articles like never before. The apexanalytix platform uses cutting-edge technologies to read and score 300,000 articles every day to discover and alert you to threats in your supply chain.


Workflows for Alerts

Don't get bogged down by constant, noisy alerts. apexanalytix helps you create automations that will notify you when action is needed, making it easy to manage risk while also managing your time.

One size does not fit all.

Your time is valuable. “Right-size” monitoring keeps you focused on risks based on potential impact.

Strategic Suppliers

Even the most integral, trusted suppliers could be vulnerable to risk factors out of their control. Be ready to proactively identify these risks, so you can quickly take action to protect your operations and safeguard your most important supplier relationships.

Category-Specific Suppliers

Each supplier type presents its own unique risk profile. Monitoring for the same risks across all supplier types will create false positives and hide real dangers. apexanalytix offers configurability that can assess each supplier based on supplier-type thresholds, with 1,000+ integrated data sources to continuously monitor suppliers and prevent disruptions.

Long Tail Suppliers

With thousands of long tail suppliers, identify validation and reputation monitoring can seem impossible. With apexanalytix, you can automatically check that your suppliers pass your business standards by identifying prohibited vendors, criminal convictions, and more at scale.

"Last year, we discovered one of our suppliers was committing fraud..."

Learn how apexanalytix stops payment fraud and manages supplier risk.

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One platform. Countless layers of protection.

apexanalytix offers end-to-end risk management solutions to give you maximum visibility and control.

Risk Management

Risk Event Monitoring

Get alerted when suppliers are vulnerable to disruptions caused by weather or geopolitical events.

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Financial Viability Monitoring

Confirm your suppliers are financially stable, have good credit standing, and are not at-risk for major fines.

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Supplier Performance Management

Centralize and share insights around which suppliers are on time, provide the best pricing and have the best product quality.

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Supplier Compliance

Ensure supplier compliance with regulatory guidelines and business standards from the earliest stages of the supplier lifecycle.

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Cyber Risk Monitoring

Identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities within your supply chain, providing essential insights to help prevent data breaches and operational disruptions.

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Insurance Coverage Monitoring

Get autonomous insurance compliance management that's integrated with the Smart COI Network to validate, continuously monitor and remediate gaps in your suppliers’ insurance coverage.

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2019 Q4: Spend Matters rates apexanalytix as the Top Supplier Relationship Management and Risk Solution.

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