Joni Guerts

Director, Accounts Payable & Fraud at JetBlue Airways

Danny Thompson


2021 is the year of building resilience across the supply chain. But our Dec. 2020 survey1, showed that 60% of respondents either have a limited or no supplier risk management program in place. This webinar is for everyone looking to expand or start a supplier risk management program.


Defining Supplier Risk Management: Ask 5 People, Get 10 Different Answers


We will discuss Gartner’s definition2 and what apexanalytix views as the foundation of supplier risk management (hint: without it your company will be subject to payment fraud, fines, and costly errors).


A Practitioner Perspective: How Did COVID-19 Change the Risk Picture?


Joni Guerts, Director of Payments at JetBlue Airways, will discuss which supplier risk factors have increased in priority, how supplier relationships were tested over the past year. Additionally, she will share a fraud story on how a hacker attempted to update a supplier bank account and steal millions.


Gartner Survey: Disruption Mitigation


The Gartner report² features a survey of 500+ supply chain professionals and presents the tactics currently being used to mitigate disruption related to supplier risk management.


apexanalytix Survey: Bank Account Validation


For additional practitioner data, we will look at our recent survey1 results on how companies are currently validating bank account changes while most people are working from home (and don’t answer their office lines).


No Risk Management Program?


Danny and Joni will discuss what they would do before investing $1 in software.

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