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Maintain focus on key strategic initiatives and leave supplier portal management in our capable hands. As our teams work in synergy, we will adapt and evolve with your business needs.


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Our managed solutions services offer customized configurations, workflows, personalized security controls and more. Not only will you gain a strategic extension of your team—you’ll gain peace of mind and quantifiable value.


Named Support Contacts and Account Managers

Extend your team with subject matter experts in apexportal so your organization can achieve its goals. Faster.

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Professional Service Hours

Empower your team with the support they need to develop a portal configured to your exact business needs. Whether it’s reports, industry-specific configurations, in-depth training or internal compliance requirements.


Executive Business Reviews

Spark conversations that progress innovation and identify continued areas for growth and improvement.

Fraud Prevention

Customer-Specific Release Testing

Assured confidence in the latest major apexportal releases through testing of your organization's specific use cases and customer environment against all documented cases.


Managed solutions that fit your unique needs.

Our tiered solutions offerings are designed to serve different types of organizations and their specific needs. Get in touch with us to discuss what solutions offerings are right for you.

  • Professional
  • Business
  • Enterprise
Configuration Management & Testing


• Release testing
• Complex questions
• Named account manager
• Named support resources
• 5 Online case users
• 700 Service hours per year

Recommended for:
• Healthcare, Pharma
• Organizations with industry-related compliance requirements
• Full regression testing required on each release
• No internal testing technical resources, but has resources to advise on best practices and conduct monitoring

apex as a Team


• Full regression testing
• Complex questions
• Named account manager & support resources
• Proactive monitoring
• Best practices support
• Automated testing
• New feature demos
• 10 Online case users
• 1000 Service hours per year

Recommended for:
• Hospitality and entertainment organizations
• Organizations without a dedicated apexportal power user
• Large companies who have highly specific needs
•Those who need deep dives into individual configurations and API logic

Security Assurance


• Full regression testing
• Complex questions
• Named account manager & support resources
• Best practices support
• Client-specific feature testing
• New feature demos
• Dedicated environment
• 10 Online case users
• 1500 Service hours per year

Recommended for:
• Enterprise customers with highly complex technology requirements
• Organizations with specific security and compliance requirements
• Organizations that will require several custom integrations
• The need for frequent and complex configuration changes that also need testing with each version release
• The need for a dedicated environment

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Fraud Prevention

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Risk Management

Supplier Risk Management

Ask suppliers the right questions at the right time with pre-built and highly configurable supplier journeys for an accurate picture of risk in your supplier ecosystem.

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Bank Account Ownership Validation

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Cyber Vulnerability & Threat Assessments

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ESG Compliance Programs

Rapidly close global compliance gaps and deliver on your strategic ESG objectives with out-of-the-box best practices, premium data and supplier-facing collaboration.

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Early Payment Programs

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“Game changing speed. We previously had a paper-based onboarding process and now we can do same day onboarding.”

Chuck Stefanosky, Supplier Diversity Director


increase in supplier discounts taken annually

“apexportal has exponentially changed our whole supplier onboarding process.”

Amy Platis, Director of Finance, APM

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