Phil Beane

COO & EVP, Global Transaction Compliance Solutions at apexanalytix

Michelle Flewellyn-Wiggins

Associate Director, AP at Cedars-Sinai

Michelle Flewellyn-Wiggins, Associate Director, Accounts Payable at Cedars-Sinai, has led the AP team for 20+ years adjusting to the constant impact of CHANGE. CHANGE in technology, CHANGE in people, CHANGE in compliance. It all impacts AP operations and her unfailing, sure-fire weapon of choice is an annual AP recovery audit.

She has utilized AP recovery audits for the past two decades to identify control gaps, recover the lost funds, and quickly refine AP practices. While CHANGE is unpredictable, an AP recovery audit is a constant that offers protection against the consequences of uncertainty.

Watch the webinar for:

• The one thing Michelle will never do again

• Major problems eliminated based on decades of recovery audits findings

• The Cedars-Sinai Invoice chant: Key What You See

• Why CHANGE in 2019 caused a spike in recoveries

• Action items to fix control gaps

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