Recovery Audit Services

Capture more lost profits in less time with our AI technologies and expert analysts

apexanalytix is the world’s leading commercial AP Recovery Audit firm. Analyzing more than $2.6 trillion,
annually, for our Global 2000 clients, our audit and recovery experts use advanced artificial intelligence (AI)
technologies to recover over $500 million in outstanding credits, duplicate payments, pricing errors, contract
compliance gaps and sales and use tax errors each year.

Powered by apexarchimedes™, including machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics, and IBM Watson®,
and built on smartvm®, our proprietary database of over 32 million suppliers with contacts scored for accuracy,
apexanalytix can quickly find and recover overpayments. Our secure open adapter easily connects to all your
P2P systems to extract and analyze data for comprehensive results.

We prioritize preservation of your valuable supplier relationships. You’ll find each audit is backed by over 30
years of audit experience, a world-class communications engine and a team fluent in more than 20 languages.
Detailed, post-audit Management Assessment Reports show you the issues we uncover and our
recommendations for preventing future losses.


Audit experts find and recoup duplicate payments missed by your internal systems and controls, as well as
uncaptured statement credits, debit balances and other costly payables issues. You benefit from sophisticated
analytics, automation, micro-targeting, finely honed methodologies, proven project management techniques, a
massive database of global supplier contacts, and around-the-clock, online access to the status of your audit.


We pursue recoveries across all aspects of your retail operations, including accounts payable, pricing,
promotions, discounts, vendor allowances, freight, inventory, deal terms, sales, warehouse movements and
more. We go beyond the obvious to take a holistic look at both the merchandise and expense side of your
spending—building air-tight claims and shortening audit cycle times.


We review direct and indirect spending, utilities, business services, advertising and media placements
to ensure the prices and terms you’ve negotiated are making their way to your bottom line. We look for
unauthorized billings, pricing errors, uncaptured discounts and a host of other lurking variances that can silently
erode your profits.


Our experts help you recover unclaimed property, avoid fines and prevent funds from being escheated to
government authorities. We identify and resolve uncashed payments and produce claims able to withstand the
most rigorous regulatory audits. To speed our review and to maximize recoveries, we maintain a continually
updated database of property held by governing bodies globally.


We review taxes on goods and services to help you recover overpayments, identify what you owe and prepare
a rigorous, fact-based defense in the event you are audited. Our global tax services team monitors ever changing tax laws and creates an audit action plan tailored precisely to your business and where you operate

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