Tim Pidgeon


Danny Thompson


UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company. To build on the efficiencies the firm is known for, P2P executives adopted a supplier portal for supplier information management. UPS now has a single, central hub for all suppliers and all supplier-related functions – from supplier discovery and registration to dynamic discounting and statement audits. During this live webinar, you’ll hear directly from UPS about the company’s portal journey and the transformative changes produced.


What you will learn:

• How portal technology can help you build a clean vendor master.

• The unprecedented control and benefits of automated supplier management – from improved compliance to self-service supplier inquiries.

• How to self-fund a supplier portal with the savings produced.

• How to customize a portal to enforce varying global regulations.

• How to use a portal to identify diverse suppliers.

• How to build on portal successes with specialized fraud detection software and P2P analytics.


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