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Danny Thompson


COVID-19 has shown us shown just how perilous it can be to rely on paper invoices and manual processing. Accounts payable teams that have failed to automate now find themselves scrambling to adapt to a new reality.


What’s the current state of automation? And what are leading AP teams doing to respond to the disruptions produced by COVID-19? Join us for an upcoming webinar hosted by Ardent Partners to find out. The company’s analysts have just concluded their annual “State of ePayables” research survey and will share what they’ve found.


You’ll get details on the current accounts payable landscape, as well as best practices and success strategies used by industry leaders. Danny Thompson, SVP, Market & Product Strategy at apexanalytix; and Joni Geurts, Acting Director, Payments at JetBlue Airways, will be on hand to share their experiences and perspectives.


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