Phil Beane

COO & EVP, Global Transaction Compliance Solutions at apexanalytix

Danny Thompson


E-invoicing? Payment risk monitoring and prevention? Automated supplier onboarding?


Whatever problem you are trying to solve by transforming from manual to digital processes, you may be overlooking a way to pay for it: For every $1B in spend, $2M in overpayments slip through normal ERP controls.


Phil Beane and Danny Thompson will share stories of companies who have used findings from a recovery audit to build a best-practice P2P organization. Part benchmarking data and part problem-solving session, join us for this conversation that sheds a light on how you can finally get that critical digital project approved.


Listen and learn:

  • Latest benchmarking on levels of automation of invoices, payments, supplier onboarding and more.
  • The best practices of accounting for recovery audits so you can use them to fund your next software solution.
  • AP success stories of using audit as a key stepping stone to fund digital transformation.
  • Additional recovery audits to further fund your projects: unclaimed property, sales and use tax, contract compliance.

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