Danny Thompson


Gregg Maxwell

Albertsons Safeway

As part of a multi-threaded financial transformation effort in Albertsons Safeway’s National Shared Services Center, Gregg Maxwell, Group Vice President, is leading the implementation of apexportal Supplier Registration that will be used to manage 70,000 suppliers. The operational focus of the implementation is to reduce the cycle time for setting up suppliers, assure complete supplier information, prevent duplicate supplier records and eliminate paper processes. Strategically, apexportal Supplier Registration will promote compliance and reduce fraud through real-time supplier data validation against trusted government, regulatory and authoritative third-party data sources.


Gregg will discuss how the current deployment of apexportal Supplier Inquiry has facilitated supplier communications for invoice and payment inquiries while also highlighting the expectations for the Supplier Registration solution now being implemented.


Key Takeaways:

• Impact that Supplier Inquiry had on Supplier Calls and Required Resources

• How Supplier Registration fits into the broader Business Transformation Initiative

• Compliance and Fraud Mitigation Through Supplier Vetting and Validation


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