Alfonso Ricotta

Global Finance Change Management Lead at Indeed

Danny Thompson


It’s one thing to negotiate favorable payment terms. It’s another to enforce them.


Our research has shown that 25.73% vendor invoice terms are better for the supplier than the original negotiated terms. The procurement team spent a lot of time getting the best terms possible and guess what? The supplier submits an invoice with different terms and is paid based on those terms.


These inaccurate terms negatively impact working capital by 6.3 days. For large companies, this equates tens of millions of dollars that could be invested in R&D, M&A or other opportunities for growth.


This session will highlight the detailed process of how every current supplier can be assessed against previously negotiated terms and, more importantly, what today’s market terms should be to identify opportunities for extensions, baseline date changes, or payment schedule changes.


Join the session for:


• Actionable working capital data to benchmark against your company’s KPIs

• A granular payment terms standardization and extension project process flow

• How to tactfully extend payment terms for suppliers at scale

• Mistakes that companies typically make during a payment terms extension project

• Payment terms that world class companies currently have


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