Gerard Cardillo

Charles River

Andrew Bartolini

Ardent Partners

Danny Thompson


Procurement Metrics that Matter 2022


According to Gerard Cardillo, Executive Director of Global Categories Procurement of Charles River Labs, nothing in his 35 years of procurement experience adequately prepared him for what is happening now. Huge risk in the supply chain. The demand for cash flow leverage. The expectation that procurement expand its value to the organization. Need to address redundancy to reduce cycle times, administrative burden, risk. Prioritizing talent acquisition, workforce development and top talent retention. These are the strategic issues of the 2020s. Gerard, Ardent Partners Founder & Chief Research Officer Andrew Bartolini and apexanalytix SVP Market and Product Strategy Danny Thompson will interpret the findings of the 2022 Procurement Metrics That Matter report and you’ll learn:


• Top three priorities for procurement in 2022.

• What’s behind the lack of procurement’s lack of visibility into supplier risk.

• Why counting savings is just tables stakes in procurement these days.


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