Chantel Arnett

Senior Manager, MDM & Data Governance at Lennox International

Akhilesh Agarwal

SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions

Lennox International launched an extensive data governance project to determine supplier master data requirements, whether to build or buy a solution, and which solution to implement. In this webinar, Chantel Arnett explains how apexportal’s supplier registration and master data management ensured policy compliance, process discipline, spend reduction, and supplier risk mitigation.


You’ll walk away with an understanding of:


• Why the needs assessment included a high standard for “out of the box” best practices and templates and helped make the buy vs. build decision

• Fraud prevention and compliance issues that the supplier master data project set out to address

• Ways the MDM project is driving payment terms compliance, consolidation of vendor records and procurement compliance

• How their supplier master data management solution with built-in best practices is driving change in the procure-to-pay processes at Lennox International

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