Michael Wang

Senior Manager, Procurement Strategy at Panasonic Corporation

Michael Cadieux

Founder of Procurement Foundry

Danny Thompson


At the beginning of their search, Panasonic was only using Ariba Procure to Pay. For the other processes across the Source to Pay lifecycle, Panasonic had manual processes. In 2019, Panasonic started reviewing different solutions through a comprehensive RFP utilizing analyst reports. As they were looking through the different solutions, they could easily see that one solution is going to do one thing really well, but won’t do everything they needed really well.


Panasonic really needed to ask “What do we want the technology to do for us?”. This process included discussing what the requirements were for their 13 business units and comparing these with the different solutions to see how they could create a Best-of-Breed stack.


Watch the webinar to hear the complete process and final solutions Panasonic chose for its S2P operations.


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