Danny Thompson


Amy Platis

Program Director of Finance at Northwestern Medicine

Touchless SIM Drives Strategic Initiatives and Ensures Compliance


Northwestern Medicine is one of the leading healthcare organizations in the nation, with 10 hospitals, 30,000 employees and more than 20 million suppliers. The organization recently adopted a new supplier portal from apexanalytix to ensure vendors comply with both industry regulations and Northwestern’s corporate programs.


During this webinar, AP Manager Amy Platis describes how her team selected a portal platform that accomplished her organization’s objectives – and self-funded it using the savings it generated.


What you will learn:


• How portal technology can help you achieve a clean vendor master file and provide a solid foundation for P2P

• The many benefits of automating supplier information management– from improved controls to a dramatic reduction in supplier inquiries

• How portal-based dynamic discounting and supplier statement audits have helped Northwestern self-fund its portal


• The steps Northwestern took to customize its portal and ensure a smooth deployment


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