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Pierre Mitchell

Spend Matters

The increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams is costing organizations billions in fraud annually. Global companies need to take on the new mission critical project: secure supplier onboarding with AI to fully automate compliance checks and fraud prevention. Is your organization protected?


In our webinar, Mission Critical for 2020: Touchless Supplier Management hear a wide-ranging discussion on how organizations can better track and manage compliance, risk and performance. Speakers for this highly interactive webinar will include Joni Geurts of JetBlue Airways and Pierre Mitchell, managing director and chief research officer of Spend Matters.


Topics covered:


• The risks and business imperatives driving touchless supplier management.

• How to protect against Business Email Compromise scams and other forms of fraud.

• Ways a single, highly configurable hub can support all your suppliers, all your policies and all your Source-to-Pay systems.

• How AI can be used to segment and score suppliers, assess relevant threats and trigger protective measures – automatically.


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