Danny Thompson


Joni Geurts of JetBlue Airways will share a proven roadmap for preventing fraud, duplicate payments and fines – all based on her team’s real-world experiences.


When Geurts joined the JetBlue AP department, she discovered it was a struggle to get even the most basic information about the company’s suppliers. As she searched for solutions, she discovered an apexanalytix technology platform that has transformed how her organization operates. The JetBlue AP team now has instant access to information and the tools it needs to protect the company from payment errors, fraud, compliance risks – and more.


What you will learn:


• How duplicate invoices slip through SAP – and how to catch them before payments are made.


• How using a portal for supplier onboarding and for automated bank account validation can eliminate callbacks and payment fraud


• How new technologies and process improvements can ensure supplier compliance and eliminate the risk of fines


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