Claudia Armenta


Danny Thompson


If your P2P team works with multiple systems and master data files, this SSOW Latin America webinar is a must attend event. You’ll hear from CEMEX – a global building materials company with more than 150,000 suppliers and customers in more than 50 countries – on why a reliance on multiple systems was severely impacting their ability to manage suppliers.

Claudia Armenta, Global P2P Process Owner – GSO Central at CEMEX, will discuss why they moved away from a manual and inefficient process to a streamlined system with apexportal. The webinar will include a deep dive into how apexportal’s self-service supplier dashboard validates supplier data and automatically routes supplier approvals based on global compliance workflows.

What you will learn:

• The issues that drove CEMEX apex to consolidate master data

• The process used to map functional and technical requirements for the project

• Ensuring supplier ethics align with company ethics

• Why the company chose apexportal for centralized supplier management

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