Alex Meyer

Director of Shared Service Operations at CommScope

Mark Brousseau

President at Brousseau & Associates

Phil Beane

COO & EVP, Global Transaction Compliance Solutions at apexanalytix

Moving to a shared services environment allowed CommScope’s finance team to have a greater focus on improving operations while realizing greater efficiencies, cost savings, and proactive measures to ensure tax compliance.

CommScope acquired Arris Communications and observed that Arris was utilizing apexanalytix for AP recovery audits. This service provided an external review of payments and outlined opportunities to prevent overpayments in the future.

As part of CommScope’s continuous improvement and standardization process, Alex Meyer, Director of Shared Services at CommScope, extended the apexanalytix audit to include CommScope entities to recapture potential overpayments similar to the recoveries that Arris experienced.

Join the webinar and hear Alex talk about:

• Post-acquisition: merging two large finance organizations

• Utilizing audit service results to close control gaps and standardize processes

• Leverage contingency-based work to improve financial results

• Best reasons to perform a sales and use tax audit


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