Lori Foley

Director, Customer & Vendor Payments at Alaska Airlines

Phil Beane

COO & EVP, Global Transaction Compliance Solutions at apexanalytix

Mark Brousseau

President at Brousseau & Associates

Large scale M&A creates a lot of work for finance teams. Everyone gets busy. Systems need to get consolidated, vendor masters merged, suppliers communicated to, and so on.

When everyone is busy, a common project that gets postponed or cancelled is a recovery audit. At Alaska Airlines, it fell off the to-do list for several years.

“I didn’t think apexanalytix was going to find much, but knew some mistakes were made during the merger period,” said Lori Foley, Director, Customer & Vendor Payments at Alaska Airlines. “Pretty quickly in the audit, we started seeing recoveries from warranties and rebates. Activities we didn’t have visibility to.”

Like most other companies, Alaska saw that the mistakes were happening outside AP. And the audit provided the necessary data to close the gaps through technology or periodic cross-departmental reviews of known issues.

If you have postponed an audit or just haven’t had one in years, this webinar will provide you with the reasons why you should have one every year – from the perspective of someone who has postponed it before.

Watch the webinar to hear Lori to discuss:

• Best time to get IT resources for projects

• What happens outside AP, stays outside AP

• The Deployment Spike

• A case for an annual recovery audit

• Addressing control gaps with new tech: CLM, eProcurement, eSettlement

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