Julie Becker

Accounting Operations, Sr. Manager at PepsiCo

Akhilesh Agarwal

SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions

Duplicate vendors in your vendor master impacts overpayments, especially if you process millions of invoices. PepsiCo knows that even if they are the best run accounts payable (AP) operation, they will make overpayments. So every year PepsiCo has apexanalytix perform an AP recovery audit.

Recently, a higher percentage of recoveries were associated with duplicate payments and they wanted to alleviate this problem by removing duplicate vendors in their vendor master.

Watch the session in which Julie Becker, Accounting Operations Sr. Manager at PepsiCo, will provide an overview of their operations and explain how they are addressing duplicate vendors in their vendor master with smartvm.

Additionally, Akhilesh Agarwal, SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions at apexanalytix, walks through a demo of smartvm to highlight how it validates supplier data and identifies duplicate vendors.

This presentation was provided in partnership with Shared Services & Outsourcing Network.

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