Nicholas Ponzo

Head of Procurement Operations at Panasonic

Danny Thompson


Need to onboard a supplier? Email Nick.

Need to update a supplier tax ID? Email Nick.

Need to update a supplier bank account? Email Nick.

Nick has a lot of supplier onboarding and update requests. Some of them have all the info he needs. Most of them require an email back requesting more info. And too many require a third, fourth or fifth email back to the requestor or supplier.

Everyone on the Panasonic procure-to-pay team (not just Nick) knew this wasn’t the most efficient system. It made sense at one point, but now there are much more efficient solutions that can eliminate inefficient manual processes.

During this webinar, Nick Ponzo, Head of Procurement Operations at Panasonic, is going to walk through the changes they made and provide recommendations on how companies in a similar situation can begin eliminating manual processes in their operations.

The presentation will include a discussion on:

• Email-based manual supplier management is, by nature, not secure

• How to bring control to ad hoc supplier decision making

• What apexportal could do that 20 other vendors couldn’t

• RFP recommendations for a supplier management solution

• Plus, Q&A with Nick

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