Amy Platis

Program Director of Finance at Northwestern Medicine

Jonathan Ridgwell

Total Spend Management Consultant at Ernst & Young LLP

Nigel Coffey

Formerly of Shire Pharmaceuticals and Takeda

Danny Thompson


Data is an asset…Well, only if it is accurate, complete, validated, not redundant and accessible to the people who use it to make decisions. In a Spend Matters CPO study, 60% of respondents said that poor master data quality, standardization and governance were the areas of digital complexity that presented the biggest problem and frustration in their work.

One of the reasons for data quality problems is the definition of “good data.” Just because data is in a common format, key information is present and in the right fields, doesn’t mean it has business value. Learn about leading-edge approaches in efficient supplier master data management, robotics-driven data cleansing and flagging, continuous risk monitoring, and integration with other supplier management solutions.

In this open forum, our hands-on experts will field your questions and offer their lessons learned about data that exists in AP, procurement and supplier systems and how they are using it to deliver business value.

Bring your issues and questions to our panel of experts.

• How do you reduce risk in your vendor master?

• What are some ways to leverage supplier data and maximize discount rates in an early payment program?

• Data issues and solutions for multi-instance and transitioning ERP environments

• What is good data governance?

• Is a “Golden Record” achievable?

• Getting agreement on master data – definitions and characteristics

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