Akhilesh Agarwal

SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions

Danny Thompson


During this webinar, Akhilesh Agarwal, SVP of Global Business Partner Technology Solutions at apexanalytix, will discuss three real-world client scenarios and walkthrough a live demo detailing how apexportal solved these problems.


Scenario 1


Fines, Fraud, Errors. I Need All My Suppliers Compliant in 90 Days!


$2.2M. That’s how much a Fortune 500 company lost due to a fraudulent company entering their vendor master. It all started at onboarding with no trail of anyone validating the supplier’s bank account and it was unclear who approved them as a supplier. Everything was hidden due to their current supplier onboarding process: email exchanges, PDFs, and rekeying data into their ERP.


Looking at this one supplier record with significant compliance issues meant there were probably a lot more problems that they didn’t know about. With fraud fresh in everyone’s mind, it was decided that they needed to act quickly. Akhilesh will walk through how the company was able to ensure that every supplier was compliant in 90 Days.


Scenario 2


Email from the CPO: With All of the Disruption, How Are You Monitoring Supplier Risk?


Before COVID, a global airline wanted to have a supplier risk management program, but it wasn’t a priority. COVID changed this. Fast.


apexportal made it easy to quickly deploy risk questionnaires based on spend and category to assess which suppliers surpassed the airline’s risk tolerance threshold. Questionnaires covered financial standing, ethics, IT security and business continuity planning. Akhilesh will walk through a pre-built set of questions, how they can be customized and automatically scored for a clear picture of where risk lies in your supply base.


Scenario 3


My Suppliers Need Early Payments!


Suppliers normally like early payments. In 2020, suppliers needed early payments. A good example of this is a large healthcare provider whose apexportal early payment program saw a spike in adoption.


apexportal’s multiple early payment options allowed suppliers to choose the term and payment date based on their working capital requirements. Plus, the healthcare provider saved money by capturing a discount on every early payment, allowing them to further invest in their mission: improve the health of their community.

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