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apexanalytix is once again a leader amongst 20+ supplier relationship management and risk solutions evaluated in the Spend Matters Spring 2022 Supplier Relationship Management and Risk SolutionMap. Each SolutionMap ranks technology within the procurement and supply chain spectrum, is informed by both customer and analyst input, and is structured within four personas (SME, MID, LARGE, RISK).

The ratings for apexanalytix are based on industry analyst and customer reviews of the company’s supplier relationship management and risk solutions including apexportal, the fastest growing supplier portal in the industry. Spend Matters Analyst Team Lead Nick Heinzmann: “Never has procurement technology been more front of mind for businesses. With companies heavily scrutinizing their supply chains and bottom lines to protect against volatility, the procurement technology space has in 2022 gained only greater notoriety — from customers and investors alike.”

With the four buyer persona perspective, every organization size is covered to guide buyers in procuring the solution that will meet their business requirements. According to the report, the analysis is “based on roughly 1000+ functional requirements” and “readily benchmarks market-leading solution providers using equal parts customer- and analyst-based scoring inputs.”

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