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Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Published 16 May 2022

By Koray Kose, Cian Curtin

Supplier risk management is a key competitive advantage. Enhanced risk management enables sourcing and procurement professionals to impact a company’s continued success from product development, implementation to phase out. Ability to create resilience and tackle predictable and unpredictable shocks, changes in legislation, managing supplier performance, logistics and financial risks, ESG and CSR, cybersecurity and capacity fluctuations is critical.

Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Technology is a key enabler for success in managing complex, comprehensive and time-sensitive data. Supplier risk is best managed by complementing a sourcing suite with best-of-breed technology that integrates well and can tackle (un-)structured, fluid data in fast- paced and fragile environments. Investments into risk management have increased by 30% (based on % on direct material spend) from 2021 to 2022.¹”

We believe that one key reason for the report is that the supplier risk software market is highly fragmented, leaving companies with almost too many options. Risk management can be viewed differently by different people. In our opinion, this analysis suggests that an evaluation based on the following factors illustrates the potential need for multiple solutions to address a company’s risk management program.

In this report, Gartner® outlines the market direction and analysis with representative vendors to help your company define a supplier risk management strategy. Gain instant complimentary access by filling out the form.

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